BARDULA Solo Exhibition (Zurich, Switzerland)

Bardula will present a selection of her latest works which uses LED’s technology. The artist’s new kinetic and optical series focuses on revisiting simple geometrical shapes such as spheres, circles and squares, or complex ones such as the torus.

These shapes, animated by subtle modifications and magnified by LED light, generate the illusion of volume and movement, swirling and expanding before the viewer’s eyes.

Carrés Eclatés / 2017

Olympus Photography Playground Zurich 2016 (Switzerland)


Centrally located, only a few minutes behind the Central Station in the Photobastei you will discover an extraordinary playground of creativity: the interactive exhibition NIGHT&DAY. Here, through the eye of the camera you will experience fascinating installations, created by the internationally renowned artists MASER, Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions) in collaboration with Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars), Martin Butler and Erik Olofsen.

You’ll become part of a spectacular cycle of light and shadow, black and white, positive and negative. You’ll experience how latest technology and innovative camera features let you capture LightRooms in a most impressive way, even at low lighting.

On that, you can paint with light and photograph yourself like a pro in a professional photo studio.

You can borrow an OLYMPUS camera, with which you can experiment during the exhibition. The camera loan is right at the entrance and for free. The SD card with your photos is a present which you can keep.

Look forward to a wonderful photographic journey of discovery.

Filter Bubble by 89plus and the LUMA Foundation (Zurich, Switzerland)

89plus and the LUMA Foundation are pleased to announce the second 89plus exhibition 
‘Filter Bubble’ at the LUMA Westbau exhibition space within Löwenbräukunst in Zürich, Switzerland. The exhibition is co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Coined by Internet activist Eli Pariser in his 2011 book, “The Filter Bubble”, he designates the way Internet users are increasingly directed to a personalized information landscape through an algorithmic editing of web content. ‘Filter Bubble’ marks 89plus’s interest in translating three years of research into an exhibition format harnessing the reflective nature of its long-term inquiry. In presenting work by over 40 international artists, writers and technologists, ‘Filter Bubble’ introduces a selection of pointed responses to the perennial dilemma of blissful ignorance, paradoxically heightened by the pursuit of relevance in an ever-growing mass of data.