Lunchtime Talk: How do we take a stroll in virtual reality? at Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed (Bristol, England)

Designing a motion chair for the Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality enthusiasts and gamers alike are always looking for new experiences gained from deeper levels of immersion; and movement is a key element to this.

Pervasive Media Studio resident, Joe Ryan is working on a new kind of movement controller that he hopes will resolve some of the common problems related to locomotion in VR such as practicality, motion sickness and cost.

The VRgo chair works by the users tilt motion which is then transmitted wirelessly as movement within the virtual space. With the end goal to be an intuitive and easy way to explore virtual worlds, Joe will talk about the history of movement in VR and the challenges of this ongoing R&D project.

Revelations: Experiments in Photography at Science Museum (London, England, UK)

Discover the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art in this major new exhibition, featuring some of the rarest images from the pioneers of photography.

From the 1840s, scientists were using photography as a device to record and measure phenomena which lay beyond human vision. The aesthetic beauty of this early photography and the revolutionary techniques developed for scientific study, shaped the history of photography and heavily influenced modern and contemporary art photographers.

Revelations showcases some of the earliest photographic images from the National Photography Collection by figures such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Eadweard Muybridge alongside striking works by modern and contemporary artists including Harold Edgerton and Hiroshi Sugimoto .

On display for the very first time will be an original photographic print of X-Ray, the earliest recorded images of the moon and 19th century photographs capturing the hidden beauty of electrical discharges.

Visit Revelations: Experiments in Photography to discover the untold history of how early scientific photography exerted a powerful influence on the work of modern and contemporary artists.

The Space to Host Digital Arts Day (Birmingham, England, UK)

As part of BBC Birmingham Digital Week, The Space is hosting a Digital Arts Day on 19 March at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, featuring a range of artists experimenting with and creating art using digital technologies.

With presentations, expert panels and the opportunity to try out the latest consumer technology in the BBC’s Blue Room, participants will have the chance to discuss their work with like-minded professionals and find out more about The Space. Our CEO, Ruth Mackenzie, will chair a panel on new technologies in digital culture, and our Managing Editor, Eleanor Turney, will chair a panel on failure, risk and experimentation.

Whether you are working in the arts, culture, technology, digital or creative industries, come along! Innovation and creativity using digital tech that makes audiences see the world in a new light is at the heart of what The Space is seeking to nurture and support. Digital Arts Day is a chance to meet The Space commissioning team and artists to find out how to realise your digital art idea.

London LASER 08 with Anna Dumitriu, Nicola Triscott and Ideographic (London, England)

LASER is a program of evening gatherings, which bring together eclectic guest speakers working at the intersections of art, science and technology.

The eighth London LASER hosts Anna Dumitriu on ethical considerations of artists working with bioscience, Nicola Triscott on recent work by Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, and CUBE London resident artists/scientists Ideographic on possible correlations between spikes in cultural evolution and the alliance of art and science.

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Anna Dumitriu works at the forefront of art and microbiology collaboration, with a strong interest in the ethics of emerging technologies. Her installations, and performances use a range of digital, biological and traditional media including live bacteria. She has a strong international exhibition profile including The Science Gallery (Dublin), The Picasso Museum (Barcelona) and MOCA Taipei, and is Artist in Residence on the Modernising Medical Microbiology Project at The University of Oxford. She will discuss her projects “Sequence” investigating whole genome sequencing of bacteria and “Trust Me I’m an Artist” which considers the ethical implications of artists working with bioscience. @AnnaDumitriu

Nicola Triscott is the founder and Director of The Arts Catalyst, one of the UK’s most distinctive arts commissioning organisations, distinguished by ambitious artists’ commissions that experimentally and critically engage with science. For more than 20 years, The Arts Catalyst has commissioned more than 100 artists’ projects and produced numerous exhibitions, events, performances and publications, collaborating with many arts, science and academic organisations internationally. Underpinning The Arts Catalyst’s commissions and exhibitions are its extensive research strand and its programme of critical discussion events, talks and workshops. Nicola will talk about their recent commission by Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, which recently premiered at the Schering Space Berlin. Sterile / Sensei Ichi-gō explores the ambiguous identity of animals designed as products. @nicolatriscott ‪@TheArtsCatalyst

Ideographic is a residency with the Cube London (a curated, interdisciplinary community). Comprised of six artists and scientists, the ideographic team aims to answer a question: Is there a correlation between spikes in human evolution and cultures with an alliance of art and science? They aim to uncover the relation between interdisciplinary behaviour in social organisms, and periods of change, innovation and growth. Looking at biological, cultural and technological evolutions in historic societies and contemporary ones, they are trying to identify shared principles for periods of social dynamism and progress. They will make a short presentation of the research and art forms of the residency so far, and host a discussion. This will address the impact of this correlation on our lives today, as we live through a turbulent period of social evolution.

FutureFest 2015: Shaping Things to Come (London, England)

With its unique position as the UK’s innovation foundation, Nesta uses FutureFest to gather some of the planet’s most radical thinkers, makers and performers together to create an immersive experience of what the world might be like in decades to come.

FutureFest is designed as a multi-format festival which gives visitors ample opportunity to take self-guided journeys. The programme will span discussions, performances, installations and interactive experiences. Attendees will be engaged as active participants, informed and challenged to explore and formulate their own vision of the future.

FutureFest’s host venue is Vinopolis under the Victorian railway arches of London Bridge and adjacent to Borough Market. The festival experience begins at the entrance on Stoney Street (post code SE1 9AA), a seven minute walk from London Bridge Station.

Convergence 2015 Music + Art + Technology (London, England, UK)

Convergence returns with a new programme of visual art and music pioneers, that deploy technology in diverse and innovative ways.

In 2015, these artists include Pantha du Prince, Kiasmos, Gary Numan, Tricky, George Clinton, Matthew Herbert, Portico, Clark, Zomby, Darkstar, Vessels, Andy Stott, Untold (live), Mouse on Mars, Shackleton, Paula Temple, Rival Consoles (live), K15, Snow Ghosts, Batida, Skip&Die,

Convergence 2015 brings together media, promoters and technologists including Guardian Live, NTS, Noise of Art and This year Convergence is proud to programme at FutureFest. Divided into 7 areas of futuristic thought, Convergence will present two artist talks for “The Future of Music”. Matthew Herbert and George Clinton will discuss their work, their relationship to technology and some of their most outlandish concepts and triumphs on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March, respectively.

Convergence is also proud to announce the launch of Convergence Sessions – a series of discussions and workshops taking place at Kachette in Old Street. In partnership with Mixcloud, onedotzero, Sound and Music, Tech City UK and more, the daytime sessions will explore two main themes: Future of music industry and audio production and Innovation in multimedia, digital art, and live music visuals.

Convergence live shows will take place at leading venues across London, including Royal Festival Hall, Village Underground and St John-at-Hackney Church.

Check out the Friday, March 20th schedule with onedotzero – features Marshmallow Laser Feast!

14.00 – 14.45 – Marshmallow Laser Feast
A unique opportunity to hear from the creative studio behind some of the most intriguing immersive experiences of the recent past. Whether they’re using robotics, virtual reality, or real time mapping, these artists and creative technologists create highly emotional and human-driven experiences. Marshmallow Laser Feast’s Robin McNicholas and Barney Steel will take to the stage to present a behind-the-scenes look at previous projects, and to discuss ‘Laser Face’, their new sugar fuelled laser installation which will debut at Convergence.

‘Laser Face’ tracks your facial expression as you chew whilst a contact mic listens to the marshmallow mastication. The tracked facial expressions are then combined with generative audio to create a reactive personalised laser show like no other.

Wearable Technology Show 2015 (London, England)

The Wearable Technology Show will provide the world’s largest expo and conference for wearable technology in 2015.

Over 3,500 delegates will pack into London’s ExCel conference centre to hear from some of the top names in wearables, augmented reality and IOT.

Co-located with The Wearable Technology Show will be The Augmented Reality Show, Europe’s largest independent event for AR, VR and development tools. Delegates will have a a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading experts, view the latest product demonstrations and network with the industry.

The Wearable Technology Show boasts 9 different conference tracks:

Innovation & IOT Main Stage
Performance Sports & Fitness
Product, Payments & Retail
Smart Textiles & Fashion
Augmented Reality
Start Up Theatre
Connected Living
Enterprise & M2M

With over 200 speakers, the conference programme will deliver the most comprehensive and in-depth information than any other wearables event.

In our expo hall, visitors will be able to see some of the latest and most innovative products in our Crunchwear Zone, as well as viewing wearable technologies and smart gadgets from some of the biggest names in technology.

Lunchtime Talk: Nano Simbox at Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed (Bristol, England)

Studio resident Becky Sage will join us to introduce Interactive Scientific’s latest experiment in making the nano-world of particles and forces not just visible, but interactive and influenceable by your own energetic fields.

Nano Simbox is a new development from the team behind danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) that can recognise your hands as they move in front of a laptop or desktop computer, and visualise them in real time interacting with a soup of molecules (the image above is showing the hydrogen and oxygen particles found in H20), allowing you to manipulate them in real time and in doing so learn about the physics at play in this tiny universe.

This evolution of the work that started with danceroom Spectroscopy is designed to bring the epic experience of dS, which tends to be shown in massive environments with troupes of dancers, into the domestic or educational scale, increasing access and direct experience of this exciting project fusing art with scientific enquiry.

Julian Oliver – The Crystal Line – The Future Battlefield Heard Through Its Past (Leicester, England, UK)

Created by internationally-renowned artist Julian Oliver, The Crystal Line reconstructs a World War One crystal radio as a way to hear about the future of warfare.

The advent of radio communications revolutionised war, removing the need for human and animal messengers, and giving commanders more effective control of their troops on the frontline.

The radios possessed an almost magical quality, turning electromagnetic phenomena in the air directly into electricity. Today, all wireless communications are descendants of the crystal radio, from mobile phones to wireless networking.

The Crystal Line will scour the World Wide Web for the latest developments in warfare, transmitting them to the radio set complete with audio properties and textures unique to a crystal radio set; heard just as men in the trenches would have heard them a century ago.

Commissioned by Phoenix and The Cutting Room.

George Khut’s ‘The Heart Library Project’ at Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age at FACT HQ (Liverpool, England, UK)

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age

Originating from FACT’s extensive work within mental health and wellbeing, the exhibition explores the complex relationship between technology, society, and mental health.

The Heart Library Project

The Heart Library Project: 2009-2012 from George Khut on Vimeo.

The Heart Library Project is an interactive art exhibition designed for presentation in hospital and health care settings, schools, museums and art galleries. It combines interactive heart rate controlled audio-visuals with audience participation to create a unique environment where people can reflect, explore and share experiences connected to ideas of embodiment, body-mind and presence.

Emotionally-mediated changes in heart-rate are used to influence the colour and sound of large, ceiling mounted video projection: a mirror image of the participant resting below – created with a hidden video camera. Participants see their own body as if floating above them – like a reverse out-of-body experience. The projected imagery gets redder in colour as their heart rate gets faster, and goes blue when their rate is slowing down.

The Heart Library Project: Mapping Experience, Sharing Stories… from George Khut on Vimeo.

After their interaction with the video, participants are invited to contribute a response to the work in the form of a hand-drawn experience map and recorded interviews – these contributions constitute ‘The Heart Library’ – a celebration and reflection of the body as a living experience, imbued with feelings, motivations, history and imagination…