Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

October 3, 2015 • sunset to sunrise
A free all-night contemporary art event

Experience Toronto transformed by contemporary art projects created by hundreds of artists.

The 10th edition of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche will feature more than 70 independent projects by Toronto’s arts community and four curated exhibitions produced by the City of Toronto.

Exhibition Projects by the City of Toronto

Under the director of four curators, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015 features more than 45 public art projects by local, national and international artists. See below to view the curatorial vision and select participating artists from the 2015 line-up.

WWTO & Best Buy Canada present “Capturing the Future: The Evolution of the Camera” (Toronto, Canada)

Wearable Cameras, Lifelogging, Bionic Eye Implants, Drones, 360-degree cameras & 3D scanning the focus of September’s WWTO.

As far back as our cave dwelling days we have been compelled to document and tell the stories of our lives. We have come a long way since chiseling pictures on rocks with nearly 2 billion of us walking around with cameras in our pockets but new technologies such as wearables and drones are taking us even further.

We Are Wearables and Best Buy Canada are pleased to present”Capturing the Future” an event that looks at the evolution of the camera and the documentation of our lives. This event will feature bionic eyes, body worn cameras, drones, 360-degree filming, 3D scanning and more from some of the leading minds and companies pushing the boundaries with camera technology.

This month’s event features iON Worldwide, Narrative, Recon Instruments, HWKI, Bubl Technology, DreamQii, DEEP Inc., Proto3000, Vertical, Brizi, Myle and will feature talks from Steve Mann, inventor of HDR and the first person to do lifelogging with a wearable camera; the Toronto Police; the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada; Casie Stewart, one of Canada’s top bloggers and a pioneer in the social media space; and Dr. Robert Devenyi who performed the surgery of Canada’s first “bionic eye” implant.

Smarter. Faster. Tougher. An Exhibition on Sports, Fashion + Tech (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hit the road – or take a trail – this summer to experience some of the most revolutionary fitness fashion and performance gear that’s helping competitive athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts’ get healthy, train and win big!

Sport is ubiquitous. It touches almost every aspect of our lives from health, fashion and culture to technology, design and architecture. With a history that spans little more than a century, sportswear has evolved rapidly due to an interwoven association with technology. Opening on July 8 and on until October 12 in The Distillery District, Smarter. Faster. Tougher. Presented and Commissioned by Panamania, Presented by CIBC dives into the evolution of sportswear and uncovers how technology, fashion, nature, and culture have contributed to the rapid innovative growth of athletic clothing, equipment, and wearables.

Curated by Marie O’Mahony, a professor of Digital Futures at OCAD University this exhilarating exhibit examines cutting edge advancements in sportswear and its wider cultural, social, and aesthetic significance. Divided into four sections – ethnography, nature, fashion, and performance – find dozens of looks and gear from Umbro, Rip Curl, Bioracer, Mountain Hardware, Valiant, Descente, Puma x Cedella Marley, Fred Perry, Speedo, Tommy Hilfiger, Canada Goose x eepmon, Blue Glue, Loudmouth, Marloes ten Bhömer, Stella McCartney x Adidas, and more. See innovations such as a 3D printed bikini, shark-resistant wetsuits, cardigans that incorporate bulletproof material, and shirts with heart rate monitoring systems.

Plus, a fifth interactive zone provides an opportunity for visitors to explore some of the most exciting new materials and technologies that have been developed for use in sports. And, a special app designed by Digital Futures at OCADU can be used throughout the exhibition via a smartphone or tablet to access more information, images and videos.

3DXL – A Large-Scale 3D Printing Exhibition (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This mind-melting exhibition brings some of the world’s most innovative and challenging large-scale, never-before-seen 3D printed projects to Toronto for an unprecedented presentation of the intersection of design, art, science, construction, and community.

Curated by Sara Nickleson, DX Curator and Director of Collections, 3DXL marks the museum’s first major offsite cultural experience. In a glass box at the corner of King Street and Blue Jays Way, the exhibition will provide an immersive opportunity for visitors and passersby to experience 3D printing.

Massive projects on view include a central component from DUS Architects’ 3D Print Canal House in Amsterdam (which was recently visited by President Barack Obama). Swiss architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger have created Arabesque Wall, an strikingly intricate 3D printed building component made from sandstone. California’s Emerging Objects erects Saltygloo, the world’s first 3D printed pavilion printed entirely from locally harvested sea salt, while Toronto’s Denegri Bessai Studio sets up its Mangrove Structure, a airy alcove constructed using flexible rods and 3D printed connectors.

Plus, we’re flipping the switch on 3D printers for live and interactive installations and workshops, hosting talks and events with the industry’s most forward-thinking minds; offering 3D printing camp sessions for young, inquisitive creatives; and so much more.

Digifest 2015 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The theme for Digifest 2015 is “Privacy, Money and Pleasure” in the 21st century showcasing the most innovative trends driving change today.

At Digifest, you can expect to watch engaging performances, learn from top innovators and be part of a savvy and dynamic audience. From architects to app designers, creators and entrepreneurs take centre stage to share their stories and showcase the digital and technological discoveries that will re-shape some of today’s pressing urban challenges.

Digifest showcases groundbreaking creations and trending content in digital media, art, design and technology. The festival fosters connections by bringing together industry, academics and the public, and inspires us to think about how digital tools and technology will shape our lives and our future.

The 2015 Digifest Digital Pioneer Award recognizes Dr. Steve Mann, a researcher and inventor who has made significant contributions to digital culture in Canada, specifically wearable computing. This award acknowledges Mann’s accomplishments as well as his journey to achieve such success. Often coined “the Father of Wearable Technology”, Mann has been experimenting with ways of integrating technology and the body for nearly forty years. Toronto has been pinpointed as the birthplace of wearable technology, with Steve Mann as one of the pioneers of this industry.

Images Festival 2015 (Toronto, Ontario)

Established in 1987, the Images Festival is the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture, showcasing the innovative edge of international contemporary media art both on and off the screen. Images has presented thousands of vanguard media-based projects in its 26-year history and is committed to an expanded concept of film and video practice: Alongside film and video screenings (ON SCREEN), the festival presents groundbreaking live performances (LIVE IMAGES), media art installations (OFF SCREEN) in local galleries and new media projects by many renowned Canadian and international artists. Images provides audiences with an annual extravaganza of contemporary moving image culture.

TIFF Kids DigiPlaySpace 2015 (Toronto, Canada)

Join us for another interactive adventure! At TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace, kids can engage with emerging creative media technologies and share innovative artistic experiences.

Forest Preview from Micah Scott on Vimeo.


Step into a luminous forest growing from floor to ceiling and navigate your way through twisting organic strands and interactive paths where bubbles of light slosh and flow, in this large-scale interactive light sculpture that encourages play, curiosity, and collaboration.

Forest is a creative collaboration between internationally acclaimed visual and new media artist Micah Elizabeth Scott and the New Media program at Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media. This work is commissioned by TIFF for the 2015 digiPlaySpace.

Here is a great article about Forest


An alien visitor has landed in digiPlaySpace! Any type of verbal communication we’ve tried has failed, but some people are reporting that it responds to presence and touch. Can you help us welcome our new guest?

Commissioned by TIFF for digiPlaySpace 2015 and the digiPlaySpace travelling exhibition, Visitor is an interactive LED sculpture conceived and produced by Vancouver-based interactive design studio Tangible Interaction, designed to elicit a sense of wonder and discovery through open-ended group play.

And many more!

Vector 2015. Games. Art. New Media. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The Vector Festival is a participative, not-for-profit, and community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing experiments in digital games and interactive experiences. New media art is a diverse field characterized by a wide variety of creative practices; the works shown at Vector act as a critical bridge between digital games and the larger worlds of new media art practice. The festival will be running at multiple venues over four days from Feb 19 to 22 in Toronto, Canada. Vector 2015 will feature exhibitions, screenings, workshops, performances and discussions, all with the ambition to create a critical dialogue focusing on digital games and new media