SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

The 11th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia will take place from 4-7 December 2018 at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan.

teamLab Planets (Tokyo, Japan)

Body Immersive

Become bodily immersed with others in a massive art space.

teamLab has been producing artworks with the Body Immersive concept for many years. teamLab Planets is a massive Body Immersive space consisting of a collection of installations in which the entire body becomes immersed in art, and the boundaries between the viewer and the work become more ambiguous.

Body Immersive works immerse the body entirely through the use of digital technology, separating the artwork from the canvas that mediates it. This allows for continuous dynamic behaviour, visual phenomena, and the ability to transform the canvas. By doing so, the boundaries between the body and the work become ambiguous, which may become the starting point for people to think about their relationship with the world. As the the artwork changes, due to your existence and that of others in the work, people dissolve into the artwork world and the relationship between people also changes.

teamLab Borderless (Tokyo, Japan)

teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other.

Create new experiences with others, immerse yourself in borderless art, and explore the world with your body.

In a vast complex, three-dimensional 10,000 square meter space, 520 computers and 470 projectors create a completely new world, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Odaiba Palette Town, 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan