Festival Lausanne Lumieres 2018 (Switzerland)

This year, 12 original art works created around the theme of light will be installed throughout the town. From Switzerland, France, Germany or the Netherlands, the creators are working light and giving it life through projections, sculptures or stages.

A new “festival off” will take place for the fifth edition: The Festival Lausanne Lumières “NEXT”. This concept is aimed to young artists and designers of the area by giving them the opportunity to exhibit their creations in the shop windows during the Festival.

The Festival Lausanne Lumières comes as a gift to the inhabitants and visitors of Lausanne. It highlights the link between all stakeholders of the city with a same goal: to discover or rediscover Lausanne under a different light!

Eco-Visionaries at HeK (Basel, Switzerland)

Art, New Media and Ecology After the Anthropocene

The exhibition Eco-Visionaries is dedicated to the topic of ecological change and presents artistic responses to current challenges. It investigates new media, technologies and techno-scientific methods in the arts and their significance for the perception and awareness of the “ecological.”

How are new media, technologies and technology-scientific methods used in the arts to draw attention to pressing ecological issues? What visionary projects and ideas are emerging to tackle climate change, food shortage and resource depletion? Which solutions are worth pursuing?