SeMa Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016 (Seoul, South Korea)

A flagship biennale of Seoul Museum of Art with a focus on media art, SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul will present its 9th edition from September 1 to November 20, 2016, under the curation of Beck Jee-sook. Beck previously served as Artistic Director of the 4th Anyang Public Art Project, and curated at Insa Art Space and the Arts Council Korea Art Center since 2000 till 2008.

The first ideas of Mediacity Seoul 2016 stem from science and/or speculative fiction, especially the imagination by which it comprehends disaster, fear, randomness, and disability; and the diegesis through which it reveals the formation of the future within a narrow, preoccupied landscape.

A series of printed magazines will be published and disseminated throughout 2016, conceived by five invited editors—Chimurenga, headed by Ntone Edjabe, Keiko Sei, Miguel A. López, Moon Jung Jang, and Yekyung Kil. The magazines will capture and message atypical shapes of knowledge that stud the globe, and bring to surface the distances lying in between.

In a bid for laying out foundations for next year’s event, several pre-biennale projects will progress until the opening of the exhibition. Artists Yang Ah Ham and Taeyoon Choi will each present their dialogues with educators, artists, and activists, which raise issues on (un)learning in contemporary times. Also a group of young Korean artists and the curatorial team will post their web bookmarks, clipped along their research and production for Mediacity Seoul 2016, as an alternative way of documenting the process.

All projects will be featured on-line through the official website, [] designed by E Roon Kang, which mirrors and re-configures the timeline of Mediacity Seoul’s Facebook Page []

SeMA Biennale Mediacity 2016 (Seoul, South Korea)

The ninth edition of SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul is held in all branches of Seoul Museum of Art under the title NERIRI KIRURU HARARA. The biennale is composed of exhibitions, summer camps, publication projects and programs, all conceived as interdependent components. The Artistic Director and Curator is Beck Jee-sook.

The works and projects participating in Mediacity Seoul 2016 allude, or relay suggestions to the following questions: how to formulate individual and common expectations out of unsought-for inheritances, be it war, disaster, poverty or displacement; how to generate as many versions of futures as possible and imagine plots of radical discontinuity, within the context of South Korea that is marooned in a peninsula-cum-island; and finally, how to enable time-slip into these futures through the language of art and the capabilities of media.

The title, NERIRI KIRURU HARARA, is derived from a line of the poem “Two Billion Light Years of Solitude”, which verbalizes the imaginary language of Martians. With this title, Mediacity Seoul 2016 sets out an effort to gesture the uncharted languages of the future, or even, of the lost past and present.

Spatial Illumination – 9 Lights in 9 Rooms (Seoul, South Korea)

D MUSEUM presents ‘Spatial Illumination – 9 Lights in 9 Rooms,’ an inaugural exhibition introducing ‘Light Art’ by leading international artists, from 5 December 2015 to 8 May 2016. The exhibition is comprised of nine separate rooms containing artworks encompassing a variety of genres, including installation, sculpture, video, sound and design. Arranged in the form of a progression from observation of pure light to direct experience of spaces designed to stimulate the senses, the nine works here all take light as their material, using it in a variety of forms and expressions and in combination with other sensory elements such as colour, sound and movement. Light is thus expanded into a medium of diverse properties.

Participating in the exhibition are Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the world’s foremost light artists; Cerith Wyn Evans, a leading figure in British contemporary art; Erwin Redl, whose work has been featured at Whitney Biennial; Paul Cocksedge, who has achieved renown through collaborations with the Victoria & Albert Museum, Flos and others; Flynn Talbot, Philips’ Young Lighting Designer of the Year in 2010; Olivier Ratsi, a leading audio-visual artist at Nuit Blanche, one of Paris’ top contemporary art festivals; Dennis Parren, creator of Vitra Design Museum’s CMYK Lamp; Russia-based creative group Tundra, whose works have appeared at numerous interdisciplinary art festivals worldwide; and emerging Danish design duo Studio Roso.

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