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dorkbotSF: Steve Mann, Anouk Wipprecht, Neil Mendoza, Alex Murray-Leslie (San Francisco, California)

If you are in San Francisco this week, this is an amazing dorkbotSF….don’t miss it!

Steve Mann – Phenomenological Augmented Reality
Steve will talk about a new concept and social-artistic movement: Being Undigital with Digital Media. Phenomenological Augmented Reality including the Meta2 and the other presenters’ works as examples.

Anouk Wipprecht – Robotic Fashion and Intuitive Interfaces
Fashion becomes interactive and technology has never before been as close to the skin – what kind of possibilities does this open up? Anouk Wipprecht is a FashionTech designer who works interdisciplinary in search for intelligent systems that interact with the body as the environment of the wearer. Wipprecht uses interaction design and biomimicry coupled to sensors and animatronics. Her designs move, breath, and react to the world around them. She is interested in new ways we can interface — and builds micro-controlled garments to provoke her generation.

Neil Mendoza – Escaping the Default
Neil’s work uses digital and mechanical technologies to bring inanimate objects and spaces to life. Using this medium, he explores the absurd, the humorous, the futile and the surreal. Today, we mediate large parts of our lives through a limited number of digital tools. However, this small, arbitrary ecosystem of technologies leads to a homogenisation of both experience and thought processes. In this presentation, Neil will be talking about some of his technological explorations outside of the ubiquitous networked screen, from artistic hamsters to musical My Little Ponys.

Alex Murray-Leslie – The Liberation of the Feet Via Sounding Wearables
Alex has been working with sounding foot-wearables since 2006, mostly made for the International art group Chicks on Speed (Alex founded with Melissa Logan in 1997). The computer enhanced footwear showcase the role that wearable technologies can play in performance art. The shoes were worn by Chicks on Speed in their latest Artstravaganza performance held in conjunction with Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘Modemethode’ exhibition at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany last September. The shoes and foot-appendages are designed with Arduino sensors and actuators. They interface with audio-video systems on stage and relay data to technologies integrated into other parts of the performance arena. Alex presents this and so much more.

FUTURE FACTORIES: Experimenting at the Edges of the Next Industrial Revolution (San Francisco, California)

Keynote Speaker
Skylar Tibbits, SJET LLC / MIT Self-Assembly Lab, Boston

Behnaz Farahi, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Amy Karle, Bio-artist and Inventor, San Francisco
Philip Ross, MycoWorks / Stanford University, Palo Alto

Organizer & Moderator
Jason Kelly Johnson, Future Cities Lab / CCA, San Francisco

The session will be streamed LIVE on PERISCOPE – 6:30-8:30pm PST. Just open the Periscope app and search under “People” for #futurefactories.

Dent:Space 2016 (San Francisco, California)

On September 21-22, 2016, Dent:Space takes place at the Innovation Hangar at the Palace of Fine Arts (formerly the Exploratorium museum) with two stages of fascinating speakers spanning the technological, artistic, commercial, scientific, educational, and DIY aspects of space exploration. We’re also putting together an exhibit hall for the conference — kind of a World’s Fair-like set of interactive demos that illustrate the future of space exploration and its many possibilities. And it’s entirely free to attend all the talks and exhibits!

Dent:Space is a celebration of humans breaking the status quo of who can be involved and what can be achieved in space exploration. This event is for anyone interested in the future of space exploration and how they might be able to contribute their skills to it through software, design, hardware, entrepreneurship and collaborative efforts. The event is tailored for people from all backgrounds/industries to attend (if you work with space stuff already, great! but not needed to enjoy the event). We promise to fill you with ideas and send you home and back to work with a take-out box full of inspiration.

Anja Ulfeldt: Of Sound | Mind and Objects (San Francisco, California)

Anja Ulfeldt’s interactive, sound-based installation Domestic Infrastructure #2 is the second in a series of autobiographical sewer portraits compiled from configurations of drains found in the artist’s own residence and local neighborhood. Exemplifying an aesthetic of necessity, Ulfeldt draws parallels between external infrastructures in the built environment and the circulatory and digestive systems of the human body. The installation includes an intermittent electric pump and an antique hand pump to activate recycled running water through the system.

Constructed from cast iron drainpipes, found objects, plumbing, and audio equipment, the installation exists as a life-size working model brought to life by the act of listening. Microphones and hydrophones placed inside the pipes amplify gurgles, drips and flushing sounds of water moving in real time. Intentionally attempted repairs in the form of shop rags tied around the joints are unable to stop water from leaking out and dripping down the sculpture, revealing a sense of anxiety through disrepair. Of Sound | Mind and Objects, Domestic Infrastructure #2 makes visible a system often hidden behind walls and amplifies the common sounds normally drowned out of everyday life.

Museum visitors are invited to use the antique hand pump to move water through the system and listen to the resulting live composition of sound.

sfSoundFestival 2016 (San Francisco, California)

sfSound presents sfSoundFestival: a three-concert celebration of 20th and 21st century music covering a wide range of graphical notation performed by some of the most passionate interpreters of such music in the Bay Area. Unlike most music in the classical tradition, works with extended notational elements often require PERFORMERS to decide aspects of the music usually left to the composer.

No stranger to making musical choices in real-time, sfSoundGroup, along with special guests, perform modern and historic compositions throughout the festival, covering a wide range of styles, including the logical conclusion of graphic notation: free improvisation. The programmed works also cover a wide range of ensemble sizes from solo to chamber orchestra, with and without electronics.

sfSoundFestival is a rare chance to hear many exciting and historic compositions that are almost never performed live — certainly not something to be missed!

Soundwave ((7)) Architecture 2016 (San Francisco, California)

Soundwave ((7)) Architecture explores sonic connections to our built environment which shape our lives as humans. This season commissions 30 new performances and works from over 50 dynamic artists to examine the rapidly transforming landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area and the world-at-large while considering the physical and phenomenological aspects of constructing, designing and inhabiting our built environments through sound. Daring artists will present projects that explore spatial acoustics, biological architecture, personal and communal site histories, urban somatic/acoustic fields, psychosomatic effects from architectural designs, ambisonics, architectural drawings as musical scores, and neural architectures. These works hope to inspire audiences to to listen beyond the surface, connect with each other and find innovative ways to see, hear, and interact with the environment around us.

Soundwave is San Francisco’s acclaimed biennial of innovative sound, art and music, now in it’s 7th Season. Every two years, MEDIATE Art Group launches a citywide summer-long, multi-venue experiential event series in San Francisco. Each season investigates a new idea through sound and invites diverse multidisciplinary artists and musicians to explore the season’s theme in new and innovative directions.

BANDALOOP #SFPublicCanvas World Premiere (San Francisco, California)

June 16, 17, 18, 19, 2016 at 9PM

Special guest performances by Youth Speaks Poets & Campo Santo

#SFPublicCanvas is a community-driven multimedia vertical dance performance by BANDALOOP, created in collaboration with San Francisco’s Madrone Studios, Illuminate, and The Village Impacts.

Against a projection mapped “canvas” of images and words sourced from the community, BANDALOOP’s choreography responds to and illuminates the content, provoking a conversation on technology, community and art. Developed in response to the rapid socio-economic changes occurring in San Francisco’s Central Market district, the work is about the human possibilities, cost of urban change brought on by a growing technology industry, and the voice of communities impacted by the change, expressed through the unique, site-immersive, perspective-changing art of vertical dance.