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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, LOL (San Francisco, California)

Swiss artists !Mediengruppe Bitnik embody 51 of the San Francisco chatbots designed to lure men into online affairs through the Ashley Madison website, exploring human-bot relationships and the currency of trust, and desire, on the internet. The materialization of these online “fembots” in physical space critiques the commodification of women, and sex, in online spaces. The work engages questions of intimacy, the willingness to compromise “real” and “fake” experiences in online entertainment, and the temptation to project meanings onto the blank screens of the digital sphere.

LUMINARY 2017 (San Francisco, California)

On March 18, Future Fires and The Midway Creative Complex present: LUMINARY, an evening of groundbreaking art, technology and music.

Featuring visionary creators from the Bay Area and beyond, this debut festival invites attendees to experience new music and immerse themselves the next generation of art.

With exciting performances and installations that blur the boundaries between guest and stage, Luminary invites the audience to take part in the experience, and explore a deeper connection to the creators and their work.

Headlining the evening is drummer and producer Shigeto, whose vivid soundscapes reflect a host of influences, from electronic, to jazz and hip-hop. His live set will be accompanied by visuals created by our artists-in-residence.

Luminary’s featured visual artist is Can Büyükberber, a Fulbright Grantee from Istanbul known for his immersive installation work and collaboration with GRAMMY winners Tool and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Büyükberber and fellow artist-in-residence Yağmur Uyanık collaborate on a new installation, and lend visual influence to other components of the festival.

Featured technology performance is Christopher Willits, along with special guests, in an early preview of Envelop. The Bay Area’s own Grammy-nominated musician and artist Christopher Willits performs a live immersive audio set within Envelop at The Midway, a ground-breaking 32 speaker three dimensional sound space, set for official public opening soon.

Other work on exhibit includes an installation by Graham Plumb and Karen Marcelo, light art from ecco screen, and late night DJ / Producer sets programmed by As You Like It. Special exhibitions include an exploration of the future of building and architecture, a room of VR hosted by Dream Logic, and selections from Flying Robots International Film Festival, showcasing films shot entirely from drones.

ARTandVR (San Francisco, California)

ARTandVR is taking over North Beach’s HACK Temple for an immersive exhibition of virtual reality, electronic music, visionary speakers, and interactive art.

Dance between projections and light displays, take in a tea ceremony, and learn tips on creating a utopian future in the main cathedral. Find a comfy nook to lounge in our virtual meditation circle, create new worlds, or explore an alternate reality.

Bridging the gap between the art and tech communities of San Francisco, ARTandVR serves as a platform for local artists and a petri dish for future creation.

Curious Contraptions Featuring Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (San Francisco, California)

This special exhibition features more than 20 charming and often hilarious mechanical sculptures known as automata. Their whimsical characters are brought to life by intricate arrangements of hand-made cams, cranks, and other simple mechanisms.

Each sculpture performs an absurd miniature drama, often reflecting its maker’s dark and very British sense of humor. Exposed inner workings encourage visitors to investigate the low-tech mechanisms used to make these automata move.

In Conversation: ​R. Luke DuBois + Daniel Rozin (San Francisco, California)

bitforms gallery presents a discussion with exhibiting artists R. Luke DuBois and Daniel Rozin.

For the first week of the exhibition, a new work by R. Luke DuBois will have its debut in the media gallery. Like his 2012 piece, Acceptance 2016 takes the political party acceptance speeches given by the two major-party candidates, subjecting them to a computationally generated editing process based on the language used in each speech. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two of the most contentious presidential candidates in recent history, use vocabularies of around 1,300 unique words in the hour-long monologues; 975 of these words (75%) are the same.​ ​Coinciding with the Fifteen-Year Anniversary exhibition at the Project, is a solo exhibition of work by R. Luke DuBois at bitforms gallery in New York. The artist’s fourth solo show with the gallery, The Choice Is Yours presents work that considers how choices are made and framed in our society, with the United States democratic voting process as its framework.

Daniel Rozin’s iconic Wooden Mirror will be on display in the Atrium space beginning on November 9th. The artwork was originally produced in 1999, in a smaller, octagonal format. It has since been exhibited at institutions around the world. The work is indicative of Rozin’s practice, which investigates the structure and materiality of images. From mosaics to digital images comprising pixels, discrete components are assembled to make a whole. Employing a range of materials––from trash to hand fans––Rozin probes at what constitutes an image, as well as what can be transformed into one.

bitforms Gallery Fifteen-Year Anniversary Exhibition (San Francisco, California)

Extended to March 4, 2017!

Opening reception: Saturday, November 5th | 6pm – 8pm

New York-based bitforms gallery celebrates its fifteenth year with an anniversary exhibition at Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco. The curated presentation of works includes currently represented artists as well as those who have shaped the gallery’s identity over the years, demonstrating the program’s continued engagement with technologically informed practices.

Exhibiting artists include Jeffrey Blondes, Daniel Canogar, R. Luke DuBois, Claudia Hart, Yael Kanarek, Beryl Korot, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Sara Ludy, Manfred Mohr, Jonathan Monaghan, Mark Napier, Tristan Perich, Quayola, Casey Reas, Daniel Rozin, Björn Schulke, Siebren Versteeg, Addie Wagenknecht, Marina Zurkow, and Zimoun.

Since 2001, bitforms has become synonymous with “new media” art and the work that falls into this evershifting categorization. As such, the program spans a range of media from traditional to experimental. With new media being relative to each generation, the gallery represents established, mid-career, and emerging artists, showing the diversity of approaches to media over several generations.

The Art of Dying Virtual + Augmented Reality Art Show (San Francisco, California)

This Halloween weekend, explore an interactive art gallery featuring over 25 artists from around the world who are using immersive technologies to reimagine what it means to be mortal.

Explore two floors of interactive sound and art installations. Watch augmented art come to life in the AR gallery and journey through new VR experiences on the Vive, Gear VR, and Oculus Rift. A night of music, art, and discovery awaits.

The VIP portion starts at 6 pm and includes priority admission to preview the show without lines, access to a bar, a VIP swag bag, and more. Purchasing a ticket for a specific time slot ensures no waiting in line. General Admission tickets allow you to explore the AR gallery and installations after signing up for a VR gallery time slot upon arrival.

We are proud to be a part of Re:Imagine | End of LIfe – a citywide conversation through art, experience, and design throughout the Bay Area. What would it mean for an entire city to reimagine the way we live and die?

Market Street Prototyping Festival 2016 (San Francisco, California)

The Market Street Prototyping Festival believes that collaboration and rapid experimentation can help solve our biggest challenges. An equal partnership between Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the San Francisco Planning Department, the Prototyping Festival was born out of their shared desire to make Market Street a more vibrant, connected destination; one that brings together different people, communities, and neighborhoods.

Over the past several years, the City’s Better Market Street project has gathered extensive community feedback, with a clear response that the public wants a more vibrant and positive experience on Market Street. The City has responded with a commitment to redesigned sidewalks and “Street Life Zones” that make our public space more active, vibrant, and engaging. These are the zones we reimagine and activate during the Festival.

Check out the 30 prototypes selected to be on display at the festival:


Highlighted installations:

27 Steps

Our proposal titled “27 Steps” is a walk for Mandela – a walk for peace. The Bay Area has supported anti-apartheid movement, with local politicians such as Ron Dellums and celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Pedro Noguera, the UC Berkeley student body president in 1985, have supported Mandela long before his release to freedom. As a remnant of Mandela’s World Tour to the Bay Area (1990), our proposal resonates Mandela’s struggle and aligns his anti-apartheid voice with the voice of San Francisco.

The pavilion is a walk of twenty seven steps. Two pyramids open the gateway to this path. The void stands for how Mandela inverted the political pyramid by cultivating a culture of forgiveness. The “Invictus” poem that guided Mandela through his 27 years in prison is narrated as one walks this path (via sensor-activated speakers). Recorded narration by those who have personally met and were touched by Mandela will also be heard through the walk.

By night, it becomes a lantern of hope.