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Circle of Light Festival 2016 (Moscow, Russia)

The Circle of Light Moscow international festival is an annual event at which lighting designers and specialists in audiovisual art from various countries reinvent the architectural scene of Moscow by using video mapping. The buildings that symbolize Russia – among them are: the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow Manege, the Moscow State University, VDNKh, and others – transform into canvases for large colorful video projections. The admission to all festival venues is free.

“Watch Me Move: Legends and faces of the world animation” at VDNH (Moscow, Russia)

The exhibition devoted to the history of animation will be organized from November 18, 2015 to 14 February 2016 in the pavilion #15 with the support of Barbican cultural center from the UK. The exhibition will introduce the visitors of VDNH to the most important names of the world animation – from the authors of the first black-and-white experimental cartoons to the leaders of the new wave of animated art house. The exhibition will include the best releases of the major animation studios such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Aardman, Pixar, Ghibli.

The exhibition blockbuster Barbican Arts Centre has already been to Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Detroit, Nashville, Monterrey and today is moving in the direction of the pavilion #15 “Radio electronics”. The collection of exceptional achievements in the world of animation, collected by the project curator Greg Hilty, includes more than 150 exhibits: cartoons, made in the technique of hand-drawn, doll, clay, sand, the silhouette and the pixel animation, rotoscoping, stop-motion and shadow theater, as well as chronophotography, animated cartoons, sketches, storyboards and character models, vintage cameras and projectors.

Watch Me Move will introduce the most significant names of the world of animation – from the authors of the first black and white experimental cartoons Etienne-Jules Mare, Emile Reynaud, Segundo de Chaumont and Georges Méliès, to the leaders of the new wave of animated art house – Jiri Barta, Patrick Bokanovski, Harun Farocki, Nick Park, Tim Webb, Bob Ebiston, Ralph Bakshi, and many others.

Circle of Light Moscow International Art Festival 2015 (Moscow, Russia)

The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival is an annual event at which light designers and 2D and 3D graphic designers utilize the urban space of Moscow as canvas for multimedia and light installations. The organizer of the Festival is the Department of Mass Media and Advertising of the City of Moscow. For the Circle of Light Festival Russian and international designers and artists produce light and multimedia shows, creating projection mapping on the facades of the most notable buildings, cultural monuments and other facilities in Moscow as well as integrate their creative ideas into the architecture of the city. Entrance to any Festival venue is free.

As part of the Festival, ART VISION Videomapping Competition between professionals and aspiring artists from all over the world is run each year. Contestants can enter the following nominations of the competition: Classic Architectural Mapping, Modern Video Mapping and VJ contest.

Central Children’s Store – Largest permanent 3D mapping (Moscow, Russia)

Central Children Store: The Largest Permanent 3D-mapping Installation from SilaSveta on Vimeo.

During summer 2014 Sila Sveta was commissioned by Hals Development to design an experiential offline media environment for the newly renovated Central Children Store — a legendary building built in 1957, closed for renovation in 2008. and reopened March 2015. This environment features four different mediums spread throughout the building, each supporting and amplifying one another:

— “The Museum of Childhood” features projection mapping on a mockup of the building, displayed on a rotating platform with a screen behind it. Every guest who visits the museum learns the history of the building being told by a character — Teddy Bear.
— For a digital signage system with over 50 screens Sila Sveta made a series of dynamic screen-savers with filmed kids and post-production;
— While continuing our exploration of the character — Teddy Bear — Sila Sveta created over 30 minutes of unique animation for 18 vertical screens installed in niches of the main atrium walls;
— The permanent installation in the main atrium has become iconic — the largest permanent 3D-mapping projection in Eastern Europe, featuring 21 20K ANSI Lm projectors and 3 TouchDesigner-based media servers.

Every hour two 5-min shows are showcased, telling Russian history and describing the beauty of it’s nature.


Geek Picnic 2015 (Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia)

This is an auto translation of the Russian page on Facebook.

GEEK PICNIC 2015: “man-machine”
13-14 June-Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya
20-21 June-St. Petersburg, GORKY PARK them. Sergey Kirov

The main topic of a Russian Festival of modern technology, science and the arts #GEEKPICNIC will be the subject of “man-machine”. At the Festival for the first time in Russia, will host an International Conference on the applications of modern technologies to improve human capabilities and related ethical and philosophical questions.

#GEEKPICNIC is a Russian independent project created by enthusiasts, the conviction that the future is now. Just a few years, the Festival has become the Habitat of educated and really enthusiastic people

The Festival presents the activity open to free participation of visitors:

-“Robot” and Park show unmanned drones;
-The zone of 3D printing: devices for printing, delivery, body tatuirovaniâ, giant printers producing life-sized furniture;
-Art installations, designed specially for the Festival in collaboration with artists;
-The zone of musical experimentation with entertainment by Victoria Modesty, drum concert cyborg musician Jason Barnes and Russian foreign geek-musicians.
-More than 100 lectures and seminars from Russian scientists, guru from the world of technology, artists and creators;
-Over 50 master classes on Robotics and personal creativity, open area to make a presentation in the free zone microphone;
-A variety of gastronomic delights from more than 30 restaurants: burgers, falafeli, cupcakes, sushi, pasta and delicious cocktails;
-Workshops on designing gadgets and presentation of working prototypes of unique devices MediaTek Labs. Hall Labs guests get acquainted with the latest technologies the company MediaTek, will test the developer gadget and mobile electronics development process ponablûdaût;
-A large area where you can test the innovative gadgets or get impressions of technological attractions.

‘Quantum Space’ installation by KUFlex at M’ars Centre of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)

Quantum Space / interactive room from sodazot on Vimeo.

Part of the Life Zone exhibition.

Entering this room you are disintegrating into quantums of light and communicating with universe.
This is a digital meditation. Walls in this room are full covered by interactive projections. Abstract visualizations generated realtime from all movements of participants and from some automated parameters.

TUNDRA ‘My Whale” Installation at M’ars Centre Of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)

The installation, which was on the Brusov ship last year, is back in a new location!

My Whale from TUNDRA on Vimeo.

Each piece of the projection onto the cells was cloned from the previous one with a random changes. So each cell behaved differently, pulsating to the rythm of the whale songs. To interract with the whale the visitor could place the phone screen above the black box in the center of the room. Once the phone was above the box, the image from the screen bursted into visual patterns and audio fragments all over the cells, merging the precious moments of your life, stored at the phone, and the whale’s imagination with the speed of light.