stimulus/response/affect (Rochester, Michigan)

stimulus/response/affect explores the varied ways artists engage the human body through sensorial, perceptual, chronological and spatial shifts, using sound and kinetic sculpture, interactive video, participatory games, augmented reality, social media and programmed software.

These dynamic artworks engage the viewer as a participant, raising questions about self, relationships, surroundings and society, and provide the unique opportunity to experience and actively (re)consider the relevance and implications of innovative interactive contemporary art. Participating artists:

Sophia Brueckner
Cuppetelli and Mendoza
Brian Patrick Franklin and Chris Wille
Ben Grosser
Aaron Higgins
Meg Mitchell
Byron Rich and John Wenskovitch
Andrea Roberts
Brian Schrank
Brad Tober
Channel TWo: Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Parris Westbrook
Curated by Colleen Ludwig and Vagner M. Whitehead