Maintenant (“Now”) Festival 2017 (Rennes, France)

Art, music & technology

Maintenant presents:
◣ 80 local & international artists and speakers
◣ 20 venues
◣1 Headquarters at Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne, an ancient church from the 12th century
◣ 2 Nuits Électroniques
◣ 1 Nuit Textiles 2.0
◣ Demain, 2 days of conferences between creation, innovation and digital
◣1 international colloquium on Interaction in and with music at Université Rennes 2
◣ Exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops, meetings, conferences…
◣ And a lot of surprises!

Maintenant (“Now”) 2015 (Rennes, France)

Auto-translated with a few edits

In 2015, Maintenant (“Now”) will be held from October 13 to 18 in Rennes. The team of Electroni[k] is working with many partners to bring you surprises. Concerts, installations, performances, workshops, meetings … Now will again deliver a journey through the artistic universe and an adventure in the city around Arts, Music & Technology.