Nemo 2015 – International Biennial of Digital Arts (Paris/Ile-de-France)

It will focus on audiovisual or relational performances, live performances of digital works and exploratory music.

Nemo, International Biennial of Digital Arts – Paris/Ile-de-France will be held from October 2015 to January 2016, with around thirty venues in the region participating. It will include a major exhibition lasting for two months at the CENTQUATRE-Paris.

The main interdisciplinary theme of Nemo 2015 will be “Prosopopoeiae: when objects come alive”. The Biennial will also include sub-themes and several independent events.

Lumières: The Play of Brilliants (Paris, France)

For its first event of 2015, Éléphant Paname, the new art and dance centre in the heart of Paris, presents an exhibition/exploration certain to inspire a range of both emotional and sensory responses. The event is orchestrated by a British creative agency whose approach to innovation breaks down frontiers between art, design, architecture, technology and industry, with light as its fundamental driver. From 6 March to 31 May 2015, visitors are invited to take part in a voyage of discovery, interacting with a group of breathtaking, dazzling, captivating and meditative installations, some of them never exhibited before anywhere in the world, by ten internationally renowned creative individuals and teams.

The artists include Laurent Fort, Soo Sunny Park, GNI Projects, Haberdashery, DGT, Moritz Waldemeyer, WHITEvoid, United Visual Artists, Laura Bayliss, and Flynn Talbot

“Le Bord des Mondes” exhibition at Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France)

Answering Marcel Duchamp’s question: “Can one make works of art which are not ‘of art’?”, the exhibition “Le Bord des Mondes” [At the Edge of the Worlds] explores the many fields of artistic creation and welcomes creative people from outside of the art world whose work would seem to belong to it through its depth, its beauty and its singularity. These artists – visionaries, experimenters, poets and pirates – reveal these unprecedented fields and defy limits.

Includes works by:

Iris van Herpen

Tomas Saraceno

Theo Jansen

Hiroshi Ishiguro