This is Not Art (TiNA) 2016 (Newcastle, Australia)

First program announcement for This is Not Art 2016 highlights focus on collaboration and cross-festival pollination.

This is Not Art (TiNA) celebrates Newcastle as a first rate creative city. Now in its 19th year, the festival has become an integral part of Newcastle’s arts calendar as young people from around the country converge on the city over the October long weekend to share ideas, meet like-minded creative and potential collaborators, and test work in a safe and supportive environment.

Longstanding co-presenters National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF), Crack Theatre Festival and Critical Animals will this year be joined by Special Guests Hobotechno, a Newcastle based experimental arts collective. With a focus on engaging with the local community, activating multiple venues across the CBD and blurring the boundaries between writing, performance, visual arts and critical thinking, TiNA 2016 offers an array of workshops, panels, installations, performances and special events for those interested in exploring experimental and thought provoking contemporary arts.

AV Festival 2016 (North East England, UK)

‘Meanwhile, what about Socialism? We are living in a world in which nobody is free, in which hardly anybody is secure, in which it is impossible to be honest and to remain alive.’ – George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier, 1937

Artists: Masao Adachi | Amber | Lindsay Anderson | Bianca Baldi | Eric Baudelaire | Berwick Street Collective | Tim Brennan | Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo | Kris Canavan | Hugo Canoilas | Cinema Action | Jack Common | Oleksandr Dovzhenko | Arthur Elton and Edgar Anstey | Claire Fontaine | Luke Fowler | Ranu Ghosh | Peter Gidal | Ruby Grierson | Humphrey Jennings | Marc Karlin | Mikhail Kaufman | Stuart Legg | Sergei Loznitsa | Madhusudhanan | Oleg Mavromatti | Ken McMullen and Stuart Brisley | Naeem Mohaiemen | Pallavi Paul | Dan Perjovschi | Karel Reisz | R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) | Mykola Ridnyi | Roee Rosen | Paul Rotha | Felix Sobolev | Haim Sokol | Thomas Spence | Test Dept | Robert Vas | Dziga Vertov

AV Festival announces the full programme and theme for 2016. The curatorial framework of the Festival responds to George Orwell’s polemical book The Road to Wigan Pier. Eighty years ago in 1936, Orwell was commissioned by the Left Book Club to write on the depressed areas of the North of England. Leaving London on 31 January, he spent the next two months travelling and living in the industrial North.

The Road to Wigan Pier is his searing account of working-class life amidst growing social injustice, poverty, unemployment and class division; it is also an argumentative analysis of English socialism. Orwell concludes that the basis for democratic socialism is equality and fairness; to make socialism work people of all classes need to understand about oppression and inequality.

Mirroring the structure of the book the 2016 edition of AV Festival is Part One followed by Part Two in 2018, representing a new way of curating a biennial Festival and enabling ideas to develop towards 2018. AV Festival 2016 directly responds to Orwell’s original 1936 commission, by historically foregrounding the theme and inviting several artists to live in Newcastle during the Festival.

AV Festival 2016 presents work by artists and filmmakers who situate themselves in relation to historic political struggle, revolution and social movements, creating new forms of resistance to neoliberal capitalism. Presented in 14 venues the curated programme features a Festival exhibition of work by 12 artists and archives, 48 film screenings, nine artist talks, four performances, and includes 17 UK premieres.

This Is Not Art (TINA) 2015 (Newcastle, Australia)

As one of the nation’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, TiNA continues to create experimental environments where artists can test and exchange ideas that belong outside of institutions.

Produced by Octapod in Newcastle since 1998, TiNA has grown to become one of Australia’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, creating spaces for artistic collaboration and discovery. Forever responding and evolving, TiNA promotes a vibrant combination of voices that celebrate and seek creative innovation. As a festival of multiple programs presenting dynamic and bold works, TiNA is the sum of its ever-changing parts.

Each year TINA is developed in partnership with co-presenters – arts collectives and organisations from across Australia who work at a programming level to develop the festival. In 2015 TiNA will present programs from Crack Theatre Festival, Critical Animals and National Young Writers’ Festival.


Experimenta Recharge presents the work of artists who employ, critique and experiment with media and technology. The exhibition’s thematic and title, Recharge, focuses attention on artists whose work is inspired by and entangled with the past.

Experimenta Recharge asks does knowledge change when it is presented in different technological forms and cultural contexts? By producing unconventional perspectives, can experimental artists illuminate existing knowledge and meaning for a new generation? Can artists lead us to entirely new modes of consciousness?

This multidisciplinary exhibition includes photography, installation, electronic sculpture, interactive and immersive media, robotics, bio art, live art, sound art, 3D printing, games, animation, film and video.

Artists include:

Yunkurra Billy Atkins and Sohan Ariel Hayes (Australia) / Cake Industries (Dean Petersen and Jesse Stevens) (Australia) / Maree Clarke (Australia) / Maitha Demithan (United Arab Emirates) / Christy Dena (Australia) / Anaisa Franco (Germany / Brazil) / Michaela Gleave (Australia) / Svenja Kratz (Australia) / Stuart Mcfarlane & Darrin Verhagen with Toby Brodel (Australia) / Leisa Shelton (Australia) / la Société Anonyme (Netherlands) / Garry Stewart with Australian Dance Theatre (Australia) / Teamlab (Japan) / Tele Visions (Emma Ramsay and Alex White) (Australia) / Ei Aada (Japan) / Raymond Zada (Australia) / Masha Tupitsyn (USA).