Refiguring The Future (New York City)

Final Dates TBD

Art, science, and technology are key social forces but we have yet to see a major retrospective or exhibition in United States grappling with the politics of this cultural interplay. Taking an explicitly political and socially-engaged focus on this intersection, Refiguring the Future is the first dedicated exhibition of its kind.

As the global present becomes increasingly politicized and polemicized it is more important than ever to challenge our ideas of what’s next: to push and probe, tear apart, and re-envision what the future can and should be from the ground up. By showcasing feminist, queer, de-colonial, disabled and historically marginalized artists Refiguring the Future will offer visions of the future outside and beyond the dominant discourse, where we can find new possibilities of real change.

REFRESH has partnered with Eyebeam to bring an exciting initiative Refiguring The Future to New York City in early 2019 at Hunter College Art Galleries. The collaboration will include three main pillars of engagement: our two-year curatorial fellow: Lola Martinez, an exhibition, and three day symposium featuring a constellation of performances, workshops, and public talks. Eyebeam and REFRESH will also be creating an online platform for newly commissioned texts and a community portal to invite online conversation, as well as a tool kit for other organizations who would like to adapt Refiguring the Future model for their local communities.

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey (New York City)

You’re invited to experience Times Square’s greatest new treasure – National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey. Journey with your friends and family on this entertaining and immersive adventure across the ocean from the South Pacific to the coast of California. Instead of taking animals out of their homes, Encounter’s groundbreaking technology transports you to theirs, using stunning photo-realistic animation that gives you access to rarely witnessed moments in nature.


THE VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive VR experience, full of surprises at every turn; with you, your family and friends inside the action. One second you’re standing on solid ground, the next you’re stepping deep into darkness, looking at unimaginable beauty – or fending off danger from another realm. Did you see it? Did you feel it? What’s next? You’ll just have to experience it to understand.