KANEKO Presents the Summer Season, KINETIC (Omaha, Nebraska)

KINETIC at KANEKO explores the art and science of movement and the perception of motion.

KINETIC contemplates the multitude of meaning we ascribe to the vast & ubiquitous concept of movement. Whether an artist’s expressive composition or a scientist’s subject of examination, our world is defined by kinetics – the way our bodies, minds & even the celestial body on which we reside, exist in a perpetual state of motion.

KINETIC hosts a variety of performances, lectures & education to explore the concept of motion through the arts, sciences & beyond.

The KINETIC exhibition will introduce you to legendary and contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of kinetic art. Witness the scale and scope of John Buck’s illustrious career as you delve into the intricacies of his large-scale hand carved sculptures in motion. Move through Blumen Lumen’s garden of interactive flowers and learn about the scientific study of movement with the UNO Department of Biomechanics’ interactive display.