2017 Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference (Manchester, England)

With a theme Empowering Human, Place and Business through AR & VR, International AR & VR Conference 2017 will focus on exploring cutting edge Augmented and Virtual Reality concepts, applications and business models which shape our everyday life, place and businesses.

FutureEverything 2016 (Manchester, England, UK)

Let’s face it, eventually everything will run out. Whether it’s the bottom of a crisp packet, or the world’s natural resources, the first thing we look for is alternatives. With the carbon economy reaching its peak, we need to adapt to changes in climate. This forces a rethink on how we can gather, and manage, the resources of Earth to overcome the dependencies of the industrial age.

For twenty years, FutureEverything has looked at big questions facing society through the lens of art and digital culture. The FutureEverything 2016 festival will feature a two day conference, new commissions and world class performances that use art and invention to help us rethink resources and navigate our unknown future.

In a world overloaded with data, it’s difficult to make sense of the noise. As arts organisations generate more data, new ways of seeing are needed.

We are thrilled to announce the world premier of Smoke Signals by artists Ed Carter and David Cranmer, a new FutureEverything art commission for Arts API.

Smoke Signals takes data beyond the confines of the screen to visualise digital interaction. Turning the data of seven arts organisations into a visual and sonic experience, Smoke Signals invokes a physical presence of data streams, with each signal and sound indicating the movements of data within the contemporary online network.

Twelve smoke-ring cannons will create a transient sculptural form inspired by the Polybius Square cypher. The sub-sonic frequencies used to create the rings will be part of a broader evolving sound piece, with each tone and smoke ring relating to the communication activities of the ArtsAPI contributors. Using abstracted email archives as the dataset, a single central speaker will affect the smoke rings where their paths cross, reflecting the activities of the contributing partners.

As such, turbulence affecting the smoke rings represents online interactions, resulting in a constantly evolving visual and sonic experience.

Enlighten Manchester 2015 – Festival of Light and Sound Art (Manchester, England)

During three nights this December Curated Place with city-wide partners are celebrating UNESCO’s International Year of Light by delivering a major event showcasing light, sound and public art in and around the outstanding building of Manchester Central Library and in the Bridgewater Hall. We have ambitious future plans enliven Manchester’s Civic Quarter while providing a way for artists and the public to improve the city. Most of the works in this year’s festival will be made specifically for Manchester through Curated Place residency and partnership programme ensuring that the culture Manchester is so rightly proud of has a place to be produced. We aim to deliver a major event showcasing light, sound and public art. In order to do so we need your support – to find out how to get involved go to TAKE PART.

Tree of Codes: A Contemporary Ballet at Manchester International Festival (Manchester, England, UK)

Tree of Codes – A Preview : Music & Design from MIF on Vimeo.

Manchester International Festival is bringing together choreographer Wayne McGregor, visual artist Olafur Eliasson and Mercury Prize-winning producer/ composer Jamie xx to create a contemporary ballet inspired by the book Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Soloists and dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet and dancers from Company Wayne McGregor will form the company, who will perform in an environment created by Eliasson to a score composed by Jamie xx.

Safran Foer’s novel is literally carved from the text of Bruno Schulz’ Street of Crocodiles; words and phrases are cut from the pages to produce an entirely different story. The creative team has worked together over the last two years to make a contemporary ballet that responds to this remarkable and beautiful artwork.

FutureEverything 2015 (Manchester, UK)

Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2015!

The FutureEverything festival brings people together to discover, share and experience new ideas for the future. Pioneering the practice of city-wide ‘festival as laboratory’ it combines a large scale cultural event – encompassing art, music and discussion – with new technology, novel research methods and playful social experiments. It has been named by The Guardian as one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world.