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Kaleidoscope 2015 VR Film Festival

The Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival is a traveling showcase of the best in cinematic virtual reality. Come celebrate the pioneers of virtual reality filmmaking with an evening of artist presentations, VR demos, and engaging discussions.

Kaleidoscope has curated 20 of the most innovative VR films from around the world. These pioneering artists are inventing the language of cinematic virtual reality.

Tour Schedule

August 22 – Portland, Oregon
August 26 – Seattle, Washington
August 29 – Vancouver (Canada)
September 15 – San Francisco, California
September 23 – Los Angeles, California
September 26 – Denver, Colorado
October 1 – Montreal (Canada)
October 4 – Toronto (Canada)
October 6 – New York City
October 14 – Austin, Texas


SBTRKT-O-SCOPE (Los Angeles, California)

If you are in Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH 2015, be sure to check this out in downtown L.A.!


Jim Le Fevre, has been commissioned by producer/multi-instrumentalist SBTRKT and record label Young Turks, in collaboration with Red Bull, to create a giant 3-D stroboscope.

Created by BAFTA winning animator/director, and leading zoetrope artist Jim Le Fevre, the 8ft tall and 6ft wide, stroboscope spins at 33.3rpm and is illuminated by a strobe-rig to create the optical illusion of animation. The architecture and tiers were laser-cut to specific dimensions, and the character animated at Nexus’ London studio then 3-D printed frame by frame into physical models.


Talk: The Legacy of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) (Los Angeles, California)

Artforum International editor Michelle Kuo, E.A.T. director Julie Martin, and UC Santa Barbara professor W. Patrick McCray discuss the legacy and impact of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), a groundbreaking collaboration between engineers and artists. The panel, moderated by LACMA associate curator Jennifer King, focuses on E.A.T. projects, including 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, a series of performances in 1966 involving 10 artists and over 30 engineers from Bell Laboratories.

Artificial Killing Machine Installation (Los Angeles, California)

The installation is available for public display (on appointment) in Los Angeles, CA through July 9th, 2015.

Artificial ███████ Machine from Jonathan Fletcher Moore on Vimeo.

When individuals are represented purely as statistical data, they are stripped of their humanity and our connection to them is severed. Through the act of play and the force of imagination, this project aims to reconnect that which has been lost.

Artificial Killing Machine is an autonomous interactive mechanical installation. This time based work accesses a public database on U.S. military drone strikes. When a drone strike occurs, the machine activates, and fires a children’s toy cap gun for every death that results. The raw information used by the installation is then printed. The materialized data is allowed to accumulate in perpetuity or until the life cycle of either the database or machine ends. A single chair is placed beneath the installation inviting the viewers to sit in the chair and experience the imagined existential risk.

John Gerrard’s Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) at LACMA – Date TBA (Los Angeles, California)

Dates To Be Announced

Leonardo DiCaprio is giving the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada), a massive installation by John Gerrard which uses a game engine to build a virtual representation of an actual solar power site outside Las Vegas.

It was shown outside at Lincoln Center in New York last Fall 2014 and will be on display at Art Basel’s Unlimited this month (June 2015).



New Media Film Festival 2015 (Los Angeles)

For years, The New Media Film Festival has led the way in the pursuit of stories worth telling, the exploration of new media technologies, boundary pushing resulting in new distribution models and creating and establishing new methodologies in the global monetization of content.

Installations in Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

LAX – Case Study from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Moment Factory was commissioned by Los Angeles World Airports to work with Marcela Sardi of Sardi Design and Mike Rubin of MRA International as the executive multimedia content producer for seven iconic media features at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The result is the largest immersive multimedia system of any airport in the Americas. Moment Factory focused on the passenger experience, the iconography of Los Angeles, and the destinations served by the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Four hours of original video content were created, as well as multiple interactive capsules, using the latest in high-resolution imaging, 3D effects and interactivity based on people’s movements and real-time airport information.