Artefact 2016: Up in the Air (Leuven, Belgium)

In Artefact 2016: Up in the Air, we gaze upwards, to the sky. What does our sky consist of ? Which phenomena play within? What does that space mean to us and how have we appropriated it? What will it mean for instance, for more and more drones to occupy the sky, and how do we as a society want to live with them? A hot topic, and subject to many heated discussions now that the European guidelines for civil use of drones are on their way.
The exhibition aims to shed light on the poetic, political and economic use of our air space, presenting new perspectives on fields such as telecommunication, transport and ecology.

The Artefact festival takes place in STUK and throughout the city of Leuven (STUK, Ladeuzeplein, de Bib Leuven …) with a careful selection of artworks, performances, concerts and lectures.