VR_I Tour Dates

Five spectators equipped with virtual reality headsets move freely inside a large virtual space for a contemplative journey that questions our perception of reality. Blending art with technology, VR_I results from the encounter between Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin and the founders of Artanim, Caecilia Charbonnier and Sylvain Chagué.

Tour Dates

Telling Time at MUDAC (Lausanne, Switzerland)

The vocabulary of watchmaking uses poetic and evocative language to express the plethora of ways employed through the centuries to display the time – how about wandering hours, mysterious time, digital time, hands in the air or singing hours? Telling Time juxtaposes historic pieces and works by contemporary artists and designers, which all share the same desire to tell the time. The more recent creations often build upon and adapt the inventive¬ness of watchmakers of yesteryear. Each of these domains – watchmaking, art and design – brings its own particular resonance, its own poetry and aesthetic language. The exhibition builds bridges from one time to another, one subject to another, sometimes playfully, while highlighting the harmony and continuity between the past and the present. It is unexpected, curious and funny.