FOTONICA 2017 (Rome, Italy)

Audio Visual Digital Art Festival
I Edition

A small particle, but able to give rise to all forms of light: the photon is the smallest and brightest fragment of the universe, of microscopic dimensions but of enormous and multiform creative power.

And it is precisely from this concept that the first edition of FOTONICA was born, from 1 to 9 December 2017 at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

Designed by the network of organizations active over the years in Capital in the audio video industry, FOTONICA is a free festival that wants to explore the art forms related to the light element in the contemporary context. To consolidate the practice of networking and make system in the field of artistic investigation among the most important of the contemporary.

The initiative is part of the program of Contemporaneamente Roma 2017 promoted by Roma Capitale, Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale e Sovrindenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali and in collaboration with Siae.

A unique festival in the capitol panorama that boasts a rich program: 27 artists give shape to the most diverse facets of Visual Digital Arts and make them accessible to an ever-wider public.

ArtFutura: Digital Creatures (Rome, Italy)


Kinetic sculptures that create floating holographs, magnetic fields that generate dynamic fluid ferrofluid forms, immersive audiovisual experiences where you can experience unknown virtual projections.

A Digital Art exhibition, produced by MondoMostre Skira, containing works by Paul Friedlander (UK), Esteban Diácono (Argentina), Can Buyukberber (USA), Sachiko Kodama (Japan), Chico MacMurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works (USA) and Universal Everything (UK) and the best video images of the ArtFutura festival.

“Creature Digitali” explores the fact that art and science move along parallel paths. And it does through the work of a group of artists that are considered essential to understand the evolution of art and creativity at the beginning of the 21st century.

Montxo Algora from the ArtFutura organization, is the curator of this exhibition that will be shown at the Ex Dogana in Rome, starting April 28th.

ArtFutura: tecnologie Canon al servizio dell’arte from Canon Italia on Vimeo.

Diffrazioni – Firenze Multimedia Festival 2016 (Florence, Italy)

Diffrazioni – Florence Multimedia Festival is a project dedicated to contemporary art, to explore boundaries between technology and poetic expression, wherever new tools, new scenarios and deep inner emotions meet and combine. The project bases its strength on a system of synergies between institutions of higher artistic education, public administrations, young artists, cultural associations and non-profit organizations.


Acoustics of music, Algorithmic composition, Artificial intelligence and art, Augmented reality, Bioart, Computer systems in art education, History of electroacoustic music, Interaction and improvisation, Intermedia, Languages for computer music, Live coding, Mobile art, Nanotechnology and art, New interfaces for art expression, New media, Neuroscience and art, Perception and cognition of sound and music, Robotics, Software and hardware systems, Spatialisation techniques , Telematic art, Virtual reality

VIEW Conference 2016 (Turin, Italy)

VIEW Conference is the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, Gaming and VFX.

VIEW 2016 will continue to focus on exploring the increasingly fluid boundary between real and digital worlds. Through lectures, meetings, tributes, exhibits, screenings and demo presentations VIEW will reveal the new digital frontier sweeping from cinema to architecture, from automotive design to advertisement, from medicine to videogames.

Live Cinema Festival 2016 (Rome, Italy)

The third edition of Live Cinema Festival will take place in Rome from 8th to 11th of September 2016 in the spaces of MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma at Via Nizza with a conference on the Audience development on the 7th of September.

This year Live Cinema Festival want to put in evidence how the new technologies, often seen as mere new tools, have really contribute to modify the method whereby artists approach to the creation itself.

Indeed new media can remodel and recode the sense of an aestethics itself,revealing a new creative method which is declined to various applications,for exemple also trough the use of analogic technologies in an innovative way.

The festival aims to offer the audience an overview of different ways of interpreting Live Cinema, from analogic of projectors 16 mm to the last digital experiments, through the performances of 8 international artistic groups with 15 artists coming from: Hungary, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain and over 30 artists guests of the screenings and a selection of the most interesting roman djs for the opening apetizers with a grand total of over 50 artists.

Luci d’Artista 2015 (Turin, Italy)

Luci d’Artista takes place from November to the first half of January and offers citizens and tourists arts scene never seen in contemporary art, thanks to the creative contribution of internationally famous artists.

From October 31, 2015, the 18th edition of appreciated open space exhibition, will be accessible to the public.

The new edition will include 6 permanent works and 13 temporary works located in different and meaningful places of the city, with the aim of enhancing the works and the sites creating at the same time expectations and curiosity in the audience.

Important novelty of this edition will be the artwork “Climate change” of the famous Turin artist Piero Gilardi, who worked on PAV , Experimental Center of Contemporary Art. The artwork refers to the great animal migrations caused by global warming: a flight of migrating pelicans looking for cooler climates.

In project Luci d’Artista will also housed the works of:

– Enrica Borghi with Mosaico – a lending from the City of Salerno. The artwork had already been hosted with great success in Turin during the 2009/2010 edition;

– Lello FERRIGNO with Il Mito, a lending from the City of Salerno too.

On the occasion of Light Year 2015, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) will carry out the artwork MATTANG LUCENTE Gaia’s heavenly network.

The project A Great Symphony for Turin will be reintroduced and expanded with two new soundtracks – in Bodoni and San Carlo squares – and through music and technology will originate an original experiment of augmented reality.

Nine pieces of electronic music, expressly composed by young musicians, will dialogue with as many artworks of Luci d’Artista and each song will be playable close to artworks, taking pictures with smartphone QR-Code instead of a descriptive totem.

Kernel Festival 2015 (Messina, Italy)

The festival aimes to be a new multi-disciplinary link between electronic sound and music, digital and interactive art, audiovisual mapping and temporary architecture. An event that gets together renowned artists and emerging young talents in an open platform, to create a contamination between different artistic languages and historical location full of charm.

Kernel moves south for the first time!


Live Cinema Festival (LCF) 2015 (Rome, Italy)

The second edition of Live Cinema Festival takes place in Rome from September 4th to 12th, 2015 in Piazza dell’Immacolata, in the district of San Lorenzo.

Since the first edition held in September 2014 at Teatro Quarticciolo, sold out every evening with great appreciation from the public and with an excellent integration with the neighborhood, the Festival was selected among the projects presented by the event “Estate Romana 2014″.

Stand this success, the second edition of Live Cinema Festival foresees the increase of the duration of the event, from 4 to 9 nights, as well as the number of guest artists collectives who goes from 8 to 18 for a total amount of 31 artists and especially by expanding the capacity of the location, going from a numbered seats theater to open air, in one of the most popular squares in Rome: Piazza Immacolata, very strong gathering point which can become a new place dedicated to culture and an example of exploitation of the potential of the San Lorenzo district, one the most populated and vibrant city.

Live Cinema Festival is a live performing exhibition that explores and promotes all the artistic trends whom is attributed the term “Live Cinema”, through 18 performances presented by 18 artists which have made this narrative technique their stylistic code.

In the past , the concept of “Live Cinema” was mainly used to describe the live musical accompaniment of silent movies. Nowadays “Live Cinema” means an experimental narrative technique, applied to performative video, which gives rise to the simultaneous creation of sound and images in real time, in which the traditional standards of narrative cinema, represented by the subjectivity of the camera, is expanded into a broader conception. “Cinema” is understood as the act of simultaneously create images and sounds that interact with each other and take shape in a synaesthetic approach that results in audio-video performance realized in real-time, in which the viewer’s perception is in constant tension between experimentation and re-enactment.

ANISH KAPOOR – ‘Descension’ Whirlpool Installation (San Gimignano, Italy)

An installation of a black water whirlpool designed specifically for the site in Kochi, India is now installed in Italy at the Galleria Continua.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the most significant contemporary artists, Anish Kapoor returns to Italy with Descension, an exhibition project conceived specially for the former cinema and theatre space of Galleria Continua in San Gimignano. The heart of the show is the installation in the stalls area, Descension, from which the exhibition takes its name.