Swarm Street by Acconci Studio (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Located inside the Virginia Avenue garage, south of Maryland Street

Swarm Street on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail from Mike Knight on Vimeo.

“As you walk through the tunnel, as you cycle through, a swarm of fireflies – above you, below you – gathers around you & lights your way; one sparkle attracts another, like a magnet…” explains Vito Acconci, founder of Acconci Studio based in New York City. “When someone passes you, when someone comes toward you, some sparkles veer off in a different direction, and a new flock of fireflies emerges.”


Ann Dancing by Julian Opie (Indianapolis, Indiana)

“Ann Dancing” references the historic use of the female form as architectural embellishment. Whether looking at the caryatids on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, or the personifications of Industry, Agriculture, Justice and Literature found at Indianapolis’ own Federal Courthouse, the female form has often been used in the development of inspiring places.

Situated within the Mass. Ave. Cultural District, the artwork also reflects the area’s artistic flair. Ann is dancing at the end of the block that houses the Chatterbox Jazz Club, a club that has been showcasing jazz for more then 28 years. The district is also home to independent restaurants and boutiques, theatres, galleries, and more.