“Still Moving” Invitational Video Exhibition (Chicago, Illinois)

We are excited to present our first invitational video exhibition, Still Moving, which examines the use of photographic images in the creation of video art. Works by Jan Kaesbach, Kasumi, Jonna Kina, Guillaume Martial, Kevin O. Mooney, and Tim Tate will be featured. The show opens July 8 and runs through September 2, 2016.

all.go.rhythm at UIMA (Chicago, Illinois)

“All.go.rhythm” is a show of plotter drawings, digital prints, textiles, watercolors, installation and performance works by artists who work with algorithms. Algorithms are recipes for carrying out a logical or mathematical task. We associate them with computers, but the word is ancient and the concept more ancient still. Weaving, music, tiling patterns and architecture all make use of algorithms. Through computing and networking, algorithms shape contemporary culture and technology. Artists who create their own computer programs, which includes everyone in all.go.rhythm, have become especially aware of the power of algorithms.

Computational algorithms play a critical role in the art practices of the four artists in all.go.rhythm, hence the title, which also suggests that algorithms may be found everywhere. Colette Bangert, Roman Verostko, and Jean-Pierre Hébert are highly regarded pioneers of what was once referred to as “computer art,” and now is called “new media art.” With the collaboration of her husband Charles Jeffries Bangert, Colette Bangert produced some of the earliest digital art in the form of plotter drawings. In 1995, Jean-Pierre Hébert and Roman Verostko together founded the Algorists, a group of artists working with algorithms. Curator Paul Hertz, an artist who curated last year’s glitChicago show at UIMA, has developed free software for artists.

VISION QUEST 2015: contemporary moving image & media arts festival (Chicago, Illinois)

Based in Chicago and presented by dinca.org, Vision Quest is a three-day festival celebrating the most innovative contemporary moving image and media art culture from artists worldwide, with salient interest in supporting artworks made using unconventional processes and emerging technologies. Vision Quest is presented in a multimodal and multimedia format, where audiovisual performances are cross-pollinated with time-based media screenings and digitally exhibited commissioned artworks (DECA) to present a showcase of the most essential contemporary media culture.

“Electric Waste Orchestra: Learning and Teaching Music, Electronics, Programming, and Repurposing” (Champaign, Illinois)

Part of the 2015 Hatch Art Festival- a creative re-use art festival

7:30 p.m. Lecture-Demo by Colten Jackson

“Electric Waste Orchestra: Learning and Teaching Music, Electronics, Programming, and Repurposing”

The technology to turn e-waste into musical instruments is free, open source and waiting to be fully explored. At this talk, you’ll learn how the computer junk piling up in IT departments everywhere can be transformed into novel input devices, allowing kids and adults alike to create physical instruments to control electronic music.

Free and open to the public

The Digital Muddy Expanded Media Festival 2015 at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, Illinois)

With a desire to engage the expanding modalities of film and media, the Big Muddy Film Festival announces a call for digital media submissions for the 2015 Digital Muddy program to coincide with the Big Muddy Film Festival in Carbondale, Illinois. Selected works will represent a fresh ongoing curation of various trends and practices that engage the illusive notion of the expanding digital narrative. All new and traditional genres will be considered.

Particular attention will be paid to new media, net art, interactive, website based projects, webisodes, digital imaging, user generated imagery, participatory, experimental, social engagement, etc. and sound, film, video, animation that in many ways eludes or refutes its placement inside the black box theater.

This inaugural showcase will be juried by digital artist and curator Nia Burks. The selected work will be showcased online via the Digital Muddy 2015 website, a segment of the Big Muddy Film Festival site.