Clockenflap 2016 (Hong Kong)

Clockenflap is Hong Kong’s largest and longest-running outdoor music and arts festival, and a major highlight of the city’s annual cultural calendar. Launched in 2008 by friends and co-founders Mike Hill (Festival Director), Justin Sweeting (Music Director) and Jay Forster (Artistic Director), Clockenflap has grown from an intimate one-day gathering of 1,500 local music-lovers at Cyberport to a three-day cultural extravaganza in front of 60,000+ visitors from Hong Kong and around the world at West Kowloon in 2015.

ISEA 2016 Cultural R>evolution (Hong Kong)

22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art

Electronic media exemplifies the dual meaning of revolution: to always create new while returning to the old. In this dynamic, where multiple centers and margins compete for attention, and borders to be transgressed are shifting, paradigms and practices must be replaced, repackaged and re-appropriated to keep up with the parallel evolutions in art, creativity, culture, society, and politics.

CINEMA 2.0: Media Art Exhibition: HARD CINEMA (Hong Kong)

Cinema has often been considered as a form of virtual experience: elusive, weightless and immaterial. In the forthcoming edition of CINEMA 2.0, Hard Cinema is interested to explore the physicality, materiality and spatiality of cinema: the “other” dimensions of cinema that are often being systemically neglected under standard film practices and spectatorship. We will re-examine cinema’s material being and survey alternative practices of cinema that address issues of materiality and spatiality. Through this probing, we attempt to unleash cinema’s creative potentials, extending and experimenting cinema as a tangible, sculptural, kinetic and spatial medium.

Ip Yuk-yiu

Featured Artists:
Rosa Barba (Italy / Germany)
Gebhard Sengmüller (Austria)
Peter William Holden (United Kingdom)

ifva Festival 2016 (Hong Kong)

Feb-March 2016 (dates estimated)

“Surveillance” seems to be in conflict with “creativity”, but the media art exhibition “CINEMA 2.0 – Surviving the Glass System” will examine how creative practices can be intriguingly connected to surveillance, if not to the extent of being fueled by it.

To pass on the torch of creativity, ifva has been organising various image media education programmes, such as “ifva Young Filmmakers” and “All About Us”. Fruits of these projects, alongside selected works from “HONG KONG SHORT FILMS: NEW ACTION EXPRESS”, will be showcased at the Festival.

The newly launched Jockey Club ifva Everywhere project, exclusively funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, will have some activities featured at this year’s ifva Festival, such as Master Class and Open-air Screening. Don’t miss them!

Clockenflap 2015 (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong’s Music and Arts Festival

Quite frankly, Clockenflap defies definition. Not even the name makes any sense (just try looking it up). It’s absurd.

At its sprightly core, Clockenflap is all about people – at their individual and collective, shared best. It is about music at it’s most inspirational. Art at its most accessible.

It’s about discovery, about community. About laughter, camaraderie and unashamed nonsense. It’s about the independent spirit, celebrating creativity and paying it forward. It’s about shoes off on the grass and time machines.

It is three magic days in November where the collective sum of all these parts unite, creating an utterly mysterious and supremely infectious universe, all set against the city’s luminous skyline.

It is, quite simply, the best weekend’s worth of fun to be had in Hong Kong. It is all this and the ever unexplainable ‘more’, which can only be experienced by being a part of it yourself.

Come with openness and imagination. You shall be rewarded.

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2015 (Hong Kong)

Last year, Microwave explored our city’s ecology and urban life through the idea of living architecture. In Microwave 2015, we return to the essence of media arts: Invention and Intervention. The theme of “Be Water” will be presented in two episodes: the first part will be in 2015 and the second part will be in summer 2016 during the 22nd International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) hosted in Hong Kong.

Resonance Aura by XCEED at Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Hong Kong)

Resonance Aura from XCEED on Vimeo.

Part of “The Past is Continuing” exhibition

Resonance Aura is our latest kinetic art installation for 時間遊人 The Past is Continuing exhibition, commissioned by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. It is also the extension series of our previous work Resonance Seed.

Resonance Aura is presenting a new dimension of Mandala, giving audience an immersive meditation journey. Thru adding time axis and mechanics into the creation process of Mandala, it is being transcend into a three dimensional kinetic sculpture. Resonance Aura is about body, mind, soul, energy and time.