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Nuits Sonores 2017 (Lyon, France)

Nuits sonores is a French festival entirely dedicated to electronic, independent, visual and digital cultures where music, design, graphic arts and architecture are intimately connected. Each year, the festival transforms about 40 locations across the city.

Bardula featured in Galerie La Ligne at Art Paris 2017 (Paris, France)

Galerie La Ligne, on the occasion of its fifth participation to Art Paris, will be featuring Bardula’s artistic output for the second time (the Belgian artist has been represented by the gallery since 2015).

Bardula will reveal several of her recent works created specifically for the forthcoming art fair, within Galerie La Ligne new, dedicated space three times larger than last year’s.

All 12 artworks feature LED’s technology; the two central pieces, Interférence bleue: Hommage à Julio Le Parc and Ouroboros will be leading the artist’s new kinetic and optical series which focuses on revisiting simple geometrical shapes such as spheres, circles and squares, or complex ones such as the torus.

Bardula Studio

Galerie La Ligne

Mécaniques remontées by Zimoun (Paris, France)

Zimoun is taking over the spaces of CENTQUATRE-PARIS with his sound sculptures for his largest exhibition in France. Made up of simple material (cardboard, balls, small motors, Velcro, etc.), his artworks fill the space nevertheless and change our perception of it.

Mutations / Créations: Imprimer le monde, A collective exhibition (Paris, France)

‘Mutations / Créations’ is a new event focusing on futurology and the interaction of digital technologies with creation, combining art, innovation and science. For its first edition, this multi-disciplinary event is bringing together music, design and architecture with two exhibitions: Imprimer le monde, Ross Lovergrove and Vertigo.

Imprimer le monde, A collective exhibition

Digital technologies have dramatically changed design and the way products are manufactured, transforming the work of architects, designers and artists. The exhibition Imprimer le monde explores the emergence of a new digital artefact as a form of artistic creation, printed in 3D.

Descendants by Daniel Widrig in collaboration with Stratasys
Photo credit: Yoram Reshef

The exhibition includes three of the Stratasys iconic 3D printed collections. They are “Vespers” by Neri Oxman, “MAN MADE” by Dov Ganchrow and “Descendants” by Daniel Widrig.

Oxman’s exploratory 3D printed death masks are part of Stratasys’ “The New Ancient” collection and uniquely emulate the resolution and complexity found in nature. Divided into three sub-series, entitled “Past,” “Present” and “Future,” one mask from each sub-series will be visible to visitors at the Pompidou.

By blending technologies from the farthest ends of human existence, Ganchrow and Drach showcase how simple designs powered by clever thinking can translate into beautiful, functional, and history-changing objects. The “BC – AD” collection features a series of stone-age tools made of flint stone, which have been redesigned and modernized with the use of Stratasys high-resolution PolyJet 3D printing.

With this collection, Widrig addresses the increasing possibility of superior artificial intelligence and technological singularity, and how future synthetic bodies might look and feel. Overlapping high resolution 3D scans of male and female figures with intricate digital compositions, the ‘humanoid’ figures were 3D printed with Stratasys multi-color, multi-material 3D printing. Stratasys unique 3D printing technology combines rigid and soft materials, allowing Widrig to achieve both human and futuristic structures in life-size human scale.

Fete des Lumieres 2016 (Lyon, France)

For four nights a variety of different artists light up buildings, streets, squares and parks all over the city.

Over 70 light installations create a magical atmosphere.

Millions of visitors both French and from abroad enjoy the friendly and joyful spirit of this unique event.

Festival Gamerz XII 2016 (Aix-en-Provence, France)

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The International Festival of Arts Multimedia GAMERZ returns to Aix-en-Provence from 4 to 13 November 2016 and offers an exhibition course, completely free, thought of as an area of ​​freedom, reflection and play around post-modern creations.

Focused on digital practices in contemporary creation, the festival will offer a selection of works and installations juggling with simulated universe concepts and aesthetic issues of new digital factories.

This circuit will place on the center stage creations that are currently only partially archived and little circulation, offering a panorama of the new sometimes alternative artistic devices and subversive and beyond recreational and cultural aspects, arouse thoughts on the metamorphosis of our society.

This year, nearly 50 international artists will present multimedia installations in 6 cultural sites between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.

Exhibitions, performances, meetings, conferences, workshops and concerts will feed a rich and innovative programming at the border of art and technology teleporting the public at the heart of these new forms of expression.

Electropixel 2016 (Nantes, France)

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Electropixel #6 is a festival dedicated to emerging digital and electronic arts, experimenting with public space. This year’s theme focuses on the Powerhack in these different understandings : in terms of power ( he power , ability, physical ability or permission to do something) , energy through the act of misappropriation and transformation : hacking.

Acces(s) 2016 Festival #16 – Frontières et projections (Pau, France)

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The sixteenth edition of the festival (Borders and Projections), curated by Hortense Gauthier and Philippe Boisnard, will unfold in the form of a two-month exhibition in the Grand Hall of Bel Ordinary and a 4-day festival around Pau.

The festival includes interactive and multimedia installations, video games, film, audiovisual performances, symposium, concerts, workshops and meetings … programming will be announced in late summer.

Futur en Seine 2016 (Paris, France)

European Digital Festival

This industry-oriented digital arts festival takes place over 10 days in the Paris region, bringing together innovators (companies, start-ups, developers, artists, etc.) who present their projects (demos, exhibitions, lectures, workshops…) and compete for awards.