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Art & Algorithms 2016 (moved to 2017) Digital Arts Festival (Titusville, Florida)

New dates!

Discover a Decidedly Different Festival Experience!

Plan to visit Titusville on Florida’s Space Coast October 11-16, 2016 to celebrate art in the digital domain with work that entertains and educates but will, above all, take your breath away!

What to expect? International films, experimental visuals and hands-on interactive experiences for all ages. 2016 will bring you indoor and outdoor exhibits, day and night fun, artists in residence, a big Friday Night Party that stretches from Sand Point Park to Downtown, a new event-experience app and much more! Get Your ART ON! #ArtON16 #loveFL

Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration at Disney Springs (Orlando, Florida)

From November 20, 2016 to January 8, 2017

Intel and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are collaborating on an innovative new holiday experience that will take place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida over the holiday season. Using all-new Intel® Shooting Star™ drones, the “Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration” show will paint colorful images across the sky at the Disney Springs shopping, dining and entertainment district.

“Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration” marks the first time a show-drone performance of this scale has ever been performed in the United States. It will feature 300 Intel Shooting Star drones in a choreographed aerial performance set to holiday-themed music. The show also marks the U.S. public debut of the Intel Shooting Star drone – a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) specifically designed for entertainment purposes such as festivals, air and light shows.


Here is the previous 100-drone performance in November 2015 which set a Guinness World Record

Digital Graffiti 2016 (Alys Beach, Florida)

Staged among the stark white walls of Alys Beach, Digital Graffiti gives artists a large-scale blank canvas to explore the intersection of art and architecture, while creating entirely new art forms. Once darkness falls, the iconic white walls glow with dozens of dazzling original art projections.

Dreams of Dali: Virtual Reality Experience (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Go inside and beyond Dali’s 1935 painting Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus” and explore the world of the surrealist master like never before. Adventure into the towers, peer from them to distant lands, and discover surprises around every corner—in a way we can only imagine Dali may have dreamed. Dreams of Dali is a fully immersive 3-D environment available to visitors (free with admission) in the Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination exhibit now through June 12, 2016.

“GAMA XII” by Pauchi Sasaki Via Speaker Dress at Art Basel Miami Beach (Miami, Florida)

On Thursday, December 3, 2015 from 7pm to 9pm, La Mar will host an evening fusing art, music and technology. Guests will have the opportunity to meet HENSE and discuss his works, followed by an exclusive performance by Pauchi Sasaki of Peru. During Sasaki’s performance, she wears a dress of speakers which allows her to mix live violin performance with electronic music through sensors on her hands. A special menu inspired by the art and performance will be presented by La Mar Executive Chef Diego Oka.

Middlesticks and Spinning Night in Living Color by Elaine Buckholtz at Art Basel Miami (Miami, Florida)

Part of the new Satellite exhibition

Elaine Buckholtz "Spinning Night in Living Color," 2011 from Electric Works on Vimeo.

For the past 30 years, Elaine Buckholtz has been working with aspects of moving light, combining the mediums of moving light, sound, video, and sculpture. Buckholtz’s exhibition, Middlesticks and Spinning Night in Living Color, on view at The Deauville focuses on light sculpture, video installation, and manipulated video stills. The works produced for this fair are made up of two different, yet related, ways of working.

Transfer Galleries Installation of DiMoDA at Art Basel Miami (Miami, Florida)

SATELLITE is pleased to announce Transfer Galleries installation of DiMoDA – ‘The Digital Museum of Digital Art’ in conjunction with The Wrong New Media Biennale.

DiMoDA is a preeminent virtual institution and a virtual reality exhibition platform dedicated to the distribution and promotion of New Media Art. For it’s debut, DiMoDA will be presenting works by Jacolby Satterwhite (NY), Claudia Hart (NY/CHICAGO), Tim Berresheim (DE) and a project by Aquanet 2001 (Salvador Loza and Gibran Morgado) from Mexico City.

The atrium of the museum is architected and modeled in 3D by Alfredo Salazar-Caro. Viewers wear an Oculus Rift to enter DiMoDA, immediately approaching a number of ‘portals’ which can be used to access the ‘wings’ of the museum. Exhibiting artists have complete control to shape the virtual environment in which their works are installed inside the museum.

As a virtual institution, DiMoDA is dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting Digital artworks from living New Media artists, while expanding the conscious experience of viewing Digital art in a Virtual space. The DiMoDA building is intended as a home for contemporary digital art and incubator for new ideas, as well as an architectural contribution to the Internet’s virtual landscape.

Conceived in 2013 by Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William James Richard Robertson, DiMoDA launches in November of 2015 with its first exhibition as a pavilion in The Wrong Biennale and a physical exhibition at TRANSFER in New York from November 14 through December 19th, 2015.

Art & Algorithms 2015 Digital Arts Festival (Titusville, Florida)

Art & Algorithms October 2015 brings you arts in the digital domain, creative innovative thinking and thinkers on the streets of Downtown Titusville. Plan to visit Florida’s Space Coast October 5-11, 2015. International curatorium, international films curator, experimental visuals and hands-on interactive. 2014 brought you amazing 3-D digital mapping and dancers interaction with the huge scale building projection, celebrity artists and the outdoor Digital Lounge party space, a new event-experience app and much more. Keep watching.

Smoke and Mirrors: Sculpture and the Imaginary at MOCA (Jacksonville, Florida)

The Art of Technology

Contemporary art takes on different meanings depending on the artists defining it. But nothing could feel more current than the innovative works in Smoke and Mirrors: Sculpture and the Imaginary. Many of the objects employ technology such as a computers, electronics, and LED lights—media appropriate for this digital age. But the artists’ use of these tools does not overpower their aesthetic sensibilities or underlying messages.

MOCA Jacksonville is the first institution to exhibit Daniel Rozin’s Penguin Mirrors, an installation of 450 motorized stuffed animals scattered on the floor. As viewers approach the animals, the penguins respond and mirror their observers’ movements, either facing or turning away from their audience. The installation’s playful interactivity almost hides the complex geometry and computer robotics that drive it.

At first glance, Ken Matsubara’s Round Chair series appears to be simple glasses of water sitting atop stools. But the objects take on new dimension when viewers peer into the bottom of the glasses to find curious films whose technology defies explanation.

Even works that mimic nature, such as James Clar’s computer-projected Rain Under Lamppost and Patrick Jacobs’ fairytale portholes, are constructed with modern, man-made materials. MOCA Jacksonville invited Kathleen Vance to evolve her series Rogue Stream by creating a site-responsive installation based on the St. Johns River. After studying the river’s course, Vance recreates it in miniature—echoing every bend as water charts through the city and in the replica. Created to celebrate Cultural Fusion’s Year of the River, Vance constructs a living sculpture that poses questions about our relationship to nature.

Technology also breathes life into Project Atrium: Ian Johnston, the series’ first mechanical installation. In Fish Tales, shopping carts suspended from the top of the Atrium Gallery are covered in a giant bag that inflates and deflates, commenting on the uneasy marriage of consumption and waste. But it’s also a not-so-subtle reminder that our love affair with goods often leads to a landfill.

Artists who appropriate technology to create mind-blowing visual effects in three-dimensional forms—these exhibitions are just the latest examples of how MOCA Jacksonville brings you the art, artists, and ideas of our time.

Marcelle Polednik, PhD
Director and Chief Curator