Diffrazioni – Firenze Multimedia Festival 2016 (Florence, Italy)

Diffrazioni – Florence Multimedia Festival is a project dedicated to contemporary art, to explore boundaries between technology and poetic expression, wherever new tools, new scenarios and deep inner emotions meet and combine. The project bases its strength on a system of synergies between institutions of higher artistic education, public administrations, young artists, cultural associations and non-profit organizations.


Acoustics of music, Algorithmic composition, Artificial intelligence and art, Augmented reality, Bioart, Computer systems in art education, History of electroacoustic music, Interaction and improvisation, Intermedia, Languages for computer music, Live coding, Mobile art, Nanotechnology and art, New interfaces for art expression, New media, Neuroscience and art, Perception and cognition of sound and music, Robotics, Software and hardware systems, Spatialisation techniques , Telematic art, Virtual reality