MELT – minus20degree (m20d16) Art and Architecture Winter Biennial (Flachau, Austria)

To be held from 28th – 30th of January 2016, m20d16 is the third edition of minus20degree art and architecture biennale. Titled Melt, m20d16 will present Installation, Video, Land Art, Performance and Sound Art from an international selection of Artists.

Signified by the transience of snow, melt can be viewed as synthesis or amalgamation, bringing forth new forms vis-à-vis a process of alchemy. Flachau, as a former mining town with two blast furnaces, and the broader view of Austria as a tourism and steel-producing nation bring additional local context. Melt may also be observed through a global lens, where age-old forces of melting are constantly brought to bare via recurring streams of migration and a long standing history of shifting and merging cultures; a process that on occasion also cultivates the enemies of any such melting. Melt provides further reference in connection to ever-warming alpine winters and the parallel threat of snow as a potentially diminishing resource. Drawing from these perceptions and perspectives, melt forms the base from which m20d intends to program the available space.