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Interaction 2016 (Helsinki, Finland)

Interaction 16 is organized by Interaction Design Association IxDA.org. The conference will bring nearly 1000 design professionals, leaders, students and volunteers together to enjoy three days of workshops and lectures in Helsinki. The local community, IxDA Helsinki, won the application over several other major European capitals.

The overarching theme that Interaction 16 explores is what’s next, in the context of the future of interaction design as a craft, as a profession, and design practice as a whole.
Interaction 16 runs the whole week from Sunday February 28th to Friday March 4th, including
The Education Summit, conference workshops and IxDA Interaction Awards.

Lux Helsinki 2016 (Finland)

It’s not the aurora borealis, nevertheless these northern lights have received glowing notices from a great many people who have made the trip up to Helsinki to see them. Finland’s capital is brilliant anyway, but during Lux all manner of luminous artworks in the city centre and the Cable Factory cultural centre add to the enlightened Nordic vibe. You’ll need a coat to enjoy this alfresco culture though – evening are freezing here in January.

“Move or Die” Interactive Game Installation (Helsinki, Finland)

End date TBD – estimating March 2016 for now

The game is consist of 5 stages with 5 different species.
The species are facing death in their own habitats caused by climate change.
To save them, you have to hold them and follow paths to move them to better environments. There is no enough time for the species, you have to move fast before the energy run out.
Where do the species go in the end? Could they all find nice habitats?


Pixelache 2015: Living Spaces (Helsinki, Finland)

This year’s Pixelache festival, entitled Living Spaces, concentrates on the urban environment of Helsinki and uses any potential city space, whether public, private or in-between, as a playground for the festival’s many manifestations of creative and participatory culture. Instead of being based in one static location, the festival employs cultural decentralisation as a methodology, spreading its activities across the centre and periphery of this dynamic, constantly evolving city. The increasingly diverse makeup of urban life seeds the festival activities, which build from Pixelache’s past work on the emerging boundary of technology and art while also seeking new trans-disciplinary openings. Living Spaces aims to empower Helsinki’s citizens to be active components of cultural decentralisation.

Living Spaces encourages the investigation of everyday urban life, understood as a dynamic, networked, self-regulating system filled with complex and chaotic interactions. Through emerging artistic, technological and social practices the festival will focus on new concepts, inventive strategies and methods for the flexible interpretation and exploration of public and private urban space. Our goal is to re-imagine the city as a playground, a sandbox for positive change and an opportunity for civic engagement and new awareness of cityscape.

Silo 468 Light Art Installation (Helsinki, Finland)

SILO 468 URBAN LIGHT ART PIECE FOR CITY OF HELSINKI from Lighting Design Collective on Vimeo.

A disused oil silo has been converted into mesmerizing light art piece and a public space with the aid of swarm intelligence, interactive lighting and daylight. The lighting functions to draw focus to unknown district and creates a landmark and a marketing device for the City. Nature simulating algorithms refresh responding to parameters such as wind speed, temperature and snow.