CYNETART Festival 2017 (Dresden, Germany)

From 16th to 19th of November 2017 you can experience the four-day CYNETART – international festival for computer based arts and transdisciplinary projects at the historically significant Hellerau Festival Theatre in Dresden, Germany. The festival offers an exhibition, presentations, readings, workshops, performances, transdisciplinary media art projects and concerts.

CYNETART 2017 falls under the slogan „Enlightenment For The Nerd“, aiming to identify forward-looking knowledge reservoirs by offering an extended lecture program together with innovative A/V-performances. The associated exhibition focuses on different positions united by clear language of form. For the participatory format „24 HOURS”, the house will be open for various forms of joint art production.

CYNETART festival, which has been held since 1997, dedicates itself to cultural reflection. Our focus lies less on the capabilities of new technologies, but rather on their cultural exchange potential and to bridge the gap between intuition, crafts, aesthetics and narrative.

Soft Manipulator by Sonic Robots (Dresden, Germany)

A playful interactive installation where the audience experiments with rhythms, mechanics, and objects. Everyday items like glasses, pots, as well as small musical instruments are placed on a light platform. Seven robotic mechanic devices can be manipulated interactively by the audience, manipulating the sound of the objects. The six robotic mechanics beat the objects, creating a constantly changing polyrhytmic web of sound and rhythm.

Cynetart Festival 2015 (Dresden, Germany)

CYNETART is an international festival for interdisciplinary art based on new technologies and media that takes place annually in November in Dresden . It is the focal point of Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau’s activities and an internationally esteemed platform for digital culture. Every year CYNETART provides a vast, but curated overview of current developments in technology-based art. The international festival is an experimental space or laboratory where artists can experiment and play with future art, music and ideas. Projects that engage the festival audience and artists in a participatory experiment in creating a new kinds artworks, new forms of participation, different understanding on art and technologies as well as innovative ways of presenting inspirational creativity.