Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS) 2016 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories focuses on curating the best immersive story-driven content from around the world with the aim of exploring and nurturing this platform for new narrative forms. FIVARS is the first Canadian festival of its kind featuring many world premieres and in our preview screenings and events, audience responses are consistently full of contemplation, surprise, delight, controversy and wonder.

Great article about the festival in the Huffington Post:

Vector Festival 2016 (Toronto, Canada)

Canada’s pioneering game and new media art festival, Vector Festival, is dedicated to showcasing creative media practices. Now entering its fourth year, Vector Festival has developed an active presence in regional and international communities related to contemporary art and critical game cultures.

Vector 2016 will take place July 14-17, 2016, featuring exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, and lectures across a number of Toronto venues.

The title exhibition will be mounted at InterAccess, a preeminent Canadian media arts and technology centre dedicated to the creative use of technology, electronic art, and new media culture.

Les Transformables v.102 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Les Transformables v.102 seeks to present media artworks, kinetic and sound installations, as well as audiovisual performances shown in parallel to the installation works. With works by: Alexandre St-Onge, Anne-F. Jacques, Herman Kolgen, Leyla Majeri, Katherine Kline, Nikki Forrest, Peter Flemming, Steve Bates, and Bill Clintwood.

BIAN 2016 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The 3rd edition of the International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN) starts from June 3 to July 3 with a series of soft openings beginning April 16.

This year’s theme is AUTOMATA: Art made by machines for machines, with the BIAN looking at the impact of artificial intelligence in art and culture, with a program of robotic, immersive, virtual reality, augmented reality, sculpture and digital video works.

This year, the BIAN presents its major exhibition AUTOMATA at Arsenal Contemporary Art, a venue dedicated to presenting, promoting and developing contemporary art, from June 3 to July 3, 2016. Canadian and international artists will offer a large palette of eclectic works. BIAN audiences will discover a new generation of creators and established artists who effortlessly combine visual art processes with digital technologies to create the art of today and tomorrow.


Subtle Technologies Festival 2016 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Seamless Visions: New Textiles and Wearable Technologies

Ancient in origin, textiles have enabled our civilization to grow and prosper for thousands of years. Yet, these prehistoric beginnings have little impact on their continued significant role in the development of future technologies. The evolution of textiles parallels our innate fascinations with body augmentation and pattern recognition and has birthed new industries and subcultures in every generation. From architecture and medicine to fashion and space travel, textiles are a literal and figurative thread that binds the aspirations of humankind.

The 19th Annual Subtle Technologies Festival will build on this lineage, showcasing leading research and expressive applications of the art and science of textiles. Through a wide range of programming, the Festival will create opportunities for the critical exchange of knowledge about experimental processes, cultural trends, socioeconomic challenges and philosophical implications. In geographical context, the Festival will also draw upon Toronto’s increasing role as an international hub for innovations in wearable technology.

Topics and sub-topics for programming include:

+ Prosthetics and cybernetics
+ Second skins— devices & fabrics for protection
+ Wearable technology in posthumanist studies
+ Fashion for assistive devices

+ Weaving, as it relates to other disciplines
(cognitive science, biology, computer science)
+ Computerized textile design and production
+ Informatics through fabric (coded textiles)

+ Research and development of synthetic fibres
+ Smart textiles and responsive environments
+ 3D-printed textiles and 3D knitting
+ Fabrics for physical computing

+ Biometric clothing and devices (and the politics therein)
+ Wearables that disrupt surveillance (active and passive)
+ Critical responses to the appropriation of indigenous dress
+ Bio-hacking and security concerns around wearables

On May 13, 2016, the festival will include Future Proof, a wearable technology fashion show.

Images Festival 2016 (Toronto, Canada)

Established in 1987, the Images Festival is the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture, showcasing the innovative edge of international contemporary media art both on and off the screen. Images has presented thousands of vanguard media-based projects in its 28-year history and is committed to an expanded concept of film and video practice: Alongside film and video screenings (ON SCREEN), the festival presents groundbreaking live performances (LIVE IMAGES), media art installations (OFF SCREEN) in local galleries and new media projects by Canadian and international artists. Images provides audiences with an annual array of contemporary moving image culture.

MakeFashion 2016 Gala (Calgary, Canada)

Get ready for our fourth annual gala! it will once again showcase wearable technology fashion from teams including Canadian professional designers and engineers, emerging designers and international designers. The combination of skills and ideas creates stunning results and groundbreaking fusions of light, fashion and performance.

From awe-inspiring responsive runway dresses to scientific wearables with practical applications, MakeFashion designers are inspired by fashion with functionality.

Montreal en Lumiere 2016 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration registering 1 300,000 festival site visits from fans experiencing the joy of Montreal wintertime through a unique program combining performing arts, gastronomy, free outdoor family activities, and a full night of exquisitely original discoveries!

Every year, the festival closes by kicking off the “Nuit Blanche” celebrations around the world. And what a kickoff! The Nuit blanche à Montréal invites locals and tourists to enjoy some 200 mostly free activities, all of them linked by a free shuttle service. Whether onstage or onscreen, in the great outdoors or under the spotlights, in music or in story, installations, exhibitions or dance, the city lights up the night with a full spectrum of fun and festive discoveries for all!

Once Is Nothing: A Drone Art Exhibition (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Once Is Nothing is Canada’s first exhibition dedicated to exploring drones as a subject, material, and tool of artistic production. Through their engagement with the uses and perspectives of drones, the artists of Once Is Nothing generate a paradoxical view of both the infallibility and invincibility of drone technology while questioning borders, surveillance, identity, and place.

The exhibition includes new and contemporary works in video, sculpture, and photography by Lawrence Bird (Winnipeg), David Bowen (USA), IOCOSE (UK/Italy/Germany), Joe Ford (USA), Mona Kamal (USA), and Morgan Skinner (Toronto).

New video work by Laura Millard (Toronto) will be visible from the street in our window galleries every evening throughout the duration of the exhibition.