Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2015 (Indio, California)

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival held in Indio, California. It includes many forms of music as well as art installations and interactive art.

In 2015, it will be held over the following two weekends:

April 10-12
April 17-19

Market Street Prototyping Festival 2015 (San Francisco, California)

For over 150 years, Market Street has been the internationally-renowned main artery of San Francisco. But a street as wide and busy as Market Street can often disconnect neighboring communities and residents. These challenges lead us to ask the question:

Can we, as a community known for creativity and innovation, bring our own voice to urban design and redefine how we engage and connect with each other over this miles-long stretch of iconic public space?

The winning projects have been announced:

RoboGames 2015 (San Mateo, California)

RoboGames is the Olympics of Robots – we invite the best minds from around the world to compete in over 50 different events: combat robots, fire-fighters, LEGO bots, hockey bots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled – but they’re all cool! As an open event, anyone can compete – this means you.

Held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Neanderthal Design Studio | ZERO1 (San Jose, California)

Jonathon Keats

The Neanderthals went extinct more than 30,000 years ago, long before humans invented technologies such as aqueducts and smartphones. With the Neanderthals’ demise, an alternative way of thinking was extinguished, a powerful approach to problem-solving – 500,000 years in the making – preserved in stone tools that humans have collected yet never deemed useful.

Situated at the ZERO1 Garage, the Neanderthal Design Studio will put Neanderthal creative strategies to work in the modern world, serving contemporary human needs in domains ranging from architecture and transportation to manufacturing and communication. Crucially there will be nothing stone-age about the studio’s designs. One pilot project will employ state-of-the-art technologies including 3D modeling and printing, adapting the ergonomics of the Neanderthal handaxe to the demands of tomorrow’s kitchen. The Neanderthal Design Studio will also take commissions and serve as a consultancy for tech companies throughout Silicon Valley.

Game Developers Conference (GDC) (San Francisco, California)

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event.

The GDC attracts over 24,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

Interaction15 (San Francisco)

Join the IxDA community in San Francisco for three days of talks, workshops and activities exploring the past, present and future of interaction design.

The BHuman Social Innovation Center (Palo Alto, California)

Launch party was held on Saturday, February 7, 2015.
Burning Man meets Silicon Valley

We strive to gather the artists, makers, and visionaries with their inspirations, projects, and ideas that are bettering what it is to B Human

233 University Ave
Palo Alto, California
(650) 804-0284

Dan Rosenfeld’s “Sleepwalkers” installation at Urban Putt (San Francisco, California)

Sleepwalkers from Dan Rosenfeld on Vimeo.

Sleepwalkers is an interactive installation about beings that live inside the walls of a historic building. It was commissioned by Urban Putt, an indoor miniature golf course built by artists and designers in San Francisco.

Sleepwalkers combines a host of techniques to make it seem that a three inch tall luminous being is interacting with the physical world—including the hands of participants—while illuminating its environment.

Urban Putt
1096 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110

Jurg Lehni’s Chalk-Drawing Machine at The Interval (San Francisco, California)

Viktor – 5000 Years of Chairs from Jürg Lehni on Vimeo.

The Long Now Foundation commissioned Jürg and his team in Switzerland to build a custom version of his Viktor chalk-drawing machine and create software to interface with it for our San Francisco bar/cafe/museum venue The Interval. We are working with Jürg to develop content for the machine and eventually make it a platform for use by visiting speakers and artists.

The design of the chalk-drawing machine is extremely elegant, using an unconventional system of pulleys that is driven by high-quality Maxon Swiss servo motors to triangulate the drawing tool. The motors are coordinated by an open-source controller developed by Jürg himself.

The Interval at Long Now
Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94109