VR World Congress (VRWC) 2017 (Bristol, England)

VRWC has become an unmissable occasion: an industry-leading VR conference, expo and matchmaking event now spanning three jam-packed days with a raft of world-class speakers and exhibitors. VRWC17 will take place in four of Bristol’s most unique venues, bringing 2000 international guests to one of the UK’s leading tech sectors.

Submerge Festival 2016 (Bristol, England, UK)

Welcome to Submerge, a brand-new weekend festival of pioneering electronic music, immersive audiovisual arts and live performance. Our first edition “Fathoms” is a metaphorical journey to the bottom of the ocean and back. It takes place in Bristol (UK) from 18th and 20th November 2016. Submerge Festival aims to offer audiences visceral and immersive art experiences across mixed bills of artists and artforms rarely presented together.

Urbanimals, winner of Playable City Award 2015 (Bristol, England)

The winner of the 2015 international Playable City Award is Urbanimals, created by the Laboratory for Architectural Experiments, LAX, based in Poland. The winning project was chosen by our panel of judges from a shortlist of seven projects.

From September 15, a playful pack of wild beasts will appear in unexpected places across the city of Bristol, waiting for people to play with them. Take up the dolphin’s challenge to leap together, chase a shy rabbit down the pavement or skip with a cheeky kangaroo. Lurking behind city walls and hiding in dark corners, Urbanimals are eager to brighten the day. Triggered by people passing or stopping, this magically interactive project will be created using projectors and sensors and will stretch across the whole city.

LAX are an experimental design team based in Poland, who describe themselves as practicing ‘at the edge of architecture’, testing the boundaries of urban planning, design, psychology and computation. They will now work with Watershed producers across the summer in Bristol to explore their ideas, developing the technology to bring their vision to life.

Lunchtime Talk: How do we take a stroll in virtual reality? at Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed (Bristol, England)

Designing a motion chair for the Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality enthusiasts and gamers alike are always looking for new experiences gained from deeper levels of immersion; and movement is a key element to this.

Pervasive Media Studio resident, Joe Ryan is working on a new kind of movement controller that he hopes will resolve some of the common problems related to locomotion in VR such as practicality, motion sickness and cost.

The VRgo chair works by the users tilt motion which is then transmitted wirelessly as movement within the virtual space. With the end goal to be an intuitive and easy way to explore virtual worlds, Joe will talk about the history of movement in VR and the challenges of this ongoing R&D project.


Lunchtime Talk: Nano Simbox at Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed (Bristol, England)

Studio resident Becky Sage will join us to introduce Interactive Scientific’s latest experiment in making the nano-world of particles and forces not just visible, but interactive and influenceable by your own energetic fields.

Nano Simbox is a new development from the team behind danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) that can recognise your hands as they move in front of a laptop or desktop computer, and visualise them in real time interacting with a soup of molecules (the image above is showing the hydrogen and oxygen particles found in H20), allowing you to manipulate them in real time and in doing so learn about the physics at play in this tiny universe.

This evolution of the work that started with danceroom Spectroscopy is designed to bring the epic experience of dS, which tends to be shown in massive environments with troupes of dancers, into the domestic or educational scale, increasing access and direct experience of this exciting project fusing art with scientific enquiry.