Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival 2016 (Breda and Amsterdam, Netherlands)

A 5 day showcase and celebration of the creative image. For those who are curious, brave and step out of the box.

Presenting the best and brightest of contemporary animators, vfx artists, game developers, sound & graphic designers. Workshops, performances, screenings and artist talks. Please be invited to meet extraordinary filmmakers and audiovisual artists. See groundbreaking and breathtaking stuff and have a great day.

New Delights at MOTI (Breda, The Netherlands)

As part of the Jheronimus Bosch 500-year anniversary event, MOTI presents the exhibition New Delights in Breda. Opening in April 2016, this exhibition centres on Bosch’s famous three-piece painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. MOTI conducted extensive research into Bosch’s cultural heritage for this exhibition.

The unique imagery created by Bosch has inspired artists for five centuries since, including Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Salvador Dali and Jorg Immendorg. Yet his work is also shrouded in mystery. In fact, little is actually known about this artist and the meaning of his art. His best-known work, the iconic triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, has therefore continued to fascinate writers, artists and scientists for over half a millennium. What was Bosch trying to say with this mysterious panorama? With New Delights, MOTI draws on contemporary interpretations by artists and writers to further explore and explain Jheronimus Bosch’s cultural heritage.

Garden of Earthly Delights back in Breda
The exhibition New Delights projects this age-old painting onto the present-day world. Various parts of the triptych are brought to life through exciting animations by Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Studio Smack, Eelco Brand and Floris Kaayk. Fifteen modern animation techniques add a new layer of meaning to the historic work, not only enhancing the experience of the painting but also embedding the work in today’s visual culture.

Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival 2015 (Breda and Amsterdam, Netherlands)

2-3 november workshops and expert-meetings in Breda
4 november conference starts in Chasse / Breda.
5-6 november conference will continue in SSBA / Amsterdam

Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the four-day festival in Breda and Amsterdam, Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival programme offers an inspiring mix of artist talks, inventive films, animation, graphic design, character design, games, interactive installations and performances.