Color Commons on Rose Kennedy Greenway (Boston, Massachusetts)

It’s back and on display through Winter 2017!

Color Commons from New American Public Art on Vimeo.

Color Commons is a responsive installation by New American Public Art that invites passersby to change the color of The Greenway’s twelve 24-foot tall Light Blades that line the Wharf District parks (between State Street and India Street) via text message. As an added element of intrigue throughout the installation, in addition to texting colors, the public can solve a cipher and text the decoded message to the Light Blades. The cipher – a simple letter substitution puzzle – will be posted on-site. By texting the correct message, the visitor will be rewarded with an unexpected color show.

HUBweek 2016 (Boston, Massachusetts)

We’re thrilled to share that HUBweek 2016 will take place this fall from Sunday, September 25 through Saturday, October 1, hosted across Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. This year, three concepts that are critical in fueling our innovation & creative economy will be explored in-depth.

Ideas to impact: Exploring pathways to support and advance early-stage ideas to impact. Fostering ideas that will have a long-term, positive impact on society.

Intersections (in art, science, and technology): Exploring the next digital revolution at the intersection of art, science and technology. Encouraging cross-disciplinary collaborations for cross-disciplinary solutions.

Inclusive innovation: Increasing opportunities for all members of society to be a part of the innovation process. Ensuring that advancements in tech benefit all in society.

Throughout the week, these themes will influence programming, activations and conversations at every level. Five events taking place during HUBweek 2016 have been announced, with many more to come.

WEAR Conference 2016 (Boston, Massachusetts)

Established in 2004, WEAR Conference is the longest-running conference series dedicated to smart textiles, wearable technology, material innovation and the business of consumer experience.

What’s happening with pace setters in the industry and research labs; how wearables are becoming enablers for good and improving quality of life. Organized visits around the city for tech development through guided tours to wearable and design firms and the special exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on smart fabrics and wearable tech. Hands-on exploration of new tech products at the WEAR exhibit hall.

#techstyle at Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, Massachusetts)

Clothes that respond to the environment, dresses you can tweet, and garments that come off a 3-D printer ready to wear—all of these innovations are poised to have a profound impact on the future of the fashion industry. Designers have embraced these innovations and “#techstyle” explores how the synergy between fashion and technology is not only changing the way designers design, but also the way people interact with their clothing. The exhibition draws on the MFA’s collection of contemporary fashion and accessories, and features key pieces from innovators in the field including a digitally-printed dress from Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis collection (Spring/Summer 2010/2011) and Iris van Herpen’s 3-D printed dress (2013) produced in collaboration with MIT designer and assistant professor Neri Oxman. Visitors experience the cutting edge of hi-tech fashion with special commissions created by Cute Circuit, Hussein Chalayan, and Cambridge-based Nervous System.

E-Waste: Works by Katherine Behar (Boston, Massachusetts)

Behar’s installation centers on a series of sculptures inspired by a science fiction scenario in which commonplace USB peripherals are doomed to continue working long after the humans they were designed to serve have gone extinct. The gadgets are transformed into mutant fossils, encased in stone with lights blinking, speakers chirping, and fans spinning, eternally. The exhibition also includes a video series, Modeling Big Data – in which the artist inhabits an obese, over-grown data body, to humorous and poignant effect, and a 3D printer installation, 3D-&& – in which a fossilized printer slowly produces “scarab” covers for a network of glowing USB mouses, while its motors chirp out messages in Morse Code.

HUBweek 2015 (Boston, Massachusetts)

HUBweek is a week long gathering to celebrate the big ideas and bold solutions that emerge from the people, openness, and intellectual energy found in Greater Boston. From arts and culture to technology and cutting-edge medicine, Boston is harnessing curiosity to create the future.

ILLUMINUS 2015 (Boston, Massachusetts)

LLUMINUS is a free nighttime festival where artists, designers, performers, and creative technologists converge to showcase their most thoughtful, innovative, and imaginative works. Boston’s “nuit blanche,” ILLUMINUS attracted over 10,000 visitors to the SoWa Arts District in its first year and featured over 40 projects from across the region. This year’s festival will take place on Lansdowne Street the weekend of October 3 – 4th as part of HUBweek

Fashion and Technology at MFA (Boston, Massachusetts)

The worlds of fashion and technology have always intersected. From the early industrialization of spinning and weaving in the 18th century, the adoption of steel for use in corsets and crinolines in the 19th, the use of synthetic fibers and plastics in the 20th, to contemporary trends in electronic and biometric clothing and accessories, fashion has been quick to integrate new materials and techniques. This exhibition explores technological innovations in print, cut and material in fashion objects from both the past and the present, drawing on the MFA’s collection and featuring recent acquisitions such as Giles Deacon’s laser-cut silver metallic leather dress (Spring/Summer 2012), Alexander McQueen’s photo-printed Angels and Demons dress (Fall/Winter 2010/2011), and Iris Van Herpen’s 3-D printed dress (2013), which was a collaboration with MIT designer and assistant professor Neri Oxman.