Videonale.16 Festival for Video and Time-Based Arts (Bonn, Germany)

Founded in 1984, the biennial Videonale strenghtened its position as one of the most important and renowned festivals of video and time-based arts in Germany and Europe. Participants include such trend-setting artists as Dara Birnbaum, Keren Cytter, Lynn Hershman, Christian Jankowski, Marcel Odenbach, Bill Viola and others. To this day Videonale sees itself as a festival of national and international time-based art, both for young emerging artists and for established artists.

In addition, with VIDEONALE.16 (17.2 – 2.4.2017), Videonale is opening itself to related art forms such as video installations, performance and virtual reality.

Videonale.15 Festival for Contemporary Video Art (Bonn, Germany)

Videonale, founded in Bonn in 1984, is the international platform for video art and time-based art forms. With VIDEONALE.15 (27/2 – 19/4/2015), the Festival for Contemporary Art will celebrate its 30th anniversary. In addition to presenting established international artists like Dara Birnbaum, Keren Cytter, Gary Hill, Christian Jankowski, Marcel Odenbach and Bill Viola, Videonale particularly focuses on the promotion of aspiring young artists. Initially at home in the Bonn Kunstverein, Videonale has been using the splendid rooms of the Bonn Kunstmuseum since 2005. A comprehensive festival programme offers an extensive insight into current artistic practice, but also into current discussions of video art and developments on the art market. Numerous events and exhibition projects will enliven both the Kunstmuseum and the City of Bonn during the festival.