The Chemistry of Biology: An Alchemy of DNA Exhibition & Opening (Birmingham, England)

Anna Dumitriu’s residency at in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham will culminate in an exhibition at BOM, which explores the chemical nature of DNA, the enigmatic ‘instruction book of life’, which at its base is simply a concoction of phosphorus, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Referencing alchemical desires to ‘transmute’ matter into new forms, create panaceas to cure any disease, or to find the secret of immortality, the artist weaves together complex historical narratives with synthetic biology, DNA sequencing, and new super-resolution imaging technologies in an attempt to deconstruct what DNA is and what it means to us. The exhibition will involve a large scale digital projection and a sculptural installation involving the raw materials of DNA.

Anna has been collaborating with Dr Rob Neely from the University of Birmingham to explore how new chemical tools in biotechnology will have far reaching cultural and scientific implications for the future. Their collaboration has been funded by a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Award. It is created as part of the BeyondSeq project.

The Space to Host Digital Arts Day (Birmingham, England, UK)

As part of BBC Birmingham Digital Week, The Space is hosting a Digital Arts Day on 19 March at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, featuring a range of artists experimenting with and creating art using digital technologies.

With presentations, expert panels and the opportunity to try out the latest consumer technology in the BBC’s Blue Room, participants will have the chance to discuss their work with like-minded professionals and find out more about The Space. Our CEO, Ruth Mackenzie, will chair a panel on new technologies in digital culture, and our Managing Editor, Eleanor Turney, will chair a panel on failure, risk and experimentation.

Whether you are working in the arts, culture, technology, digital or creative industries, come along! Innovation and creativity using digital tech that makes audiences see the world in a new light is at the heart of what The Space is seeking to nurture and support. Digital Arts Day is a chance to meet The Space commissioning team and artists to find out how to realise your digital art idea.