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Scanlines from dLux MediaArts Exhibition Tour (Australia)

September 19, 2015 – March 5, 2017

Scanlines is the first of its kind: a comprehensive group exhibition with an education focus that surveys the heritage of new media art in Australia since the 1980’s. Go behind the scenes! A groundbreaking interactive exhibition design puts history at your fingertips: access video interviews with the artists and studio tours from the comfort of the gallery.

The Scanlines exhibition is an exciting journey through time and includes rare early works and well-known favourites by our best-known Australian contemporary artists.



Zero Latency Virtual Reality Gaming Center (Melbourne, Australia)

The future of entertainment is here. Free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality. Only in Melbourne.

Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. Where your body is the controller. And your mind believes it’s real. The digital and real world meshed seamlessly together, to transport you inside the virtual like never before. When you move, the game moves with you. Pure immersive mayhem with the freedom to get up and go.

Zero Latency will take you to the future, into a world dragging itself back from the brink of destruction. Pit yourself against undead hordes and outwit rebel raiders as you and your team race to restore order, before the clock runs out.

Zero Latency
22-32 Steel St, North Melbourne, Victoria


More info:

“Neon” Film by Lawrence Johnston

World Premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) 2015 (Australia)
August 16, 2015

A sustainable source of illumination, a creative inspiration and a fading craft, neon shines in Lawrence Johnston’s latest film.

Lawrence Johnston has long been obsessed with neon. Although his award-winning film Eternity (MIFF 1994) was about Arthur Stace’s handwritten signage, Johnston managed to sneak footage of neon signs throughout. Neon also features in Night (MIFF 2007), and while filming Fallout (MIFF 2013), the director made a special trip to Las Vegas to visit neon museum The Boneyard.

It was there that Johnston decided to make a film celebrating the beauty and romance, the art and science of neon: visually stunning, one of the most environmentally friendly forms of lighting ever made, and endangered – LED is slowly but surely taking its place around the globe.

Vivid, beautiful and insightful, the MIFF Premiere Fund-supported Neon is the story of this noble element that has so profoundly coloured the modern world.


Experimenta Recharge presents the work of artists who employ, critique and experiment with media and technology. The exhibition’s thematic and title, Recharge, focuses attention on artists whose work is inspired by and entangled with the past.

Experimenta Recharge asks does knowledge change when it is presented in different technological forms and cultural contexts? By producing unconventional perspectives, can experimental artists illuminate existing knowledge and meaning for a new generation? Can artists lead us to entirely new modes of consciousness?

This multidisciplinary exhibition includes photography, installation, electronic sculpture, interactive and immersive media, robotics, bio art, live art, sound art, 3D printing, games, animation, film and video.

Artists include:

Yunkurra Billy Atkins and Sohan Ariel Hayes (Australia) / Cake Industries (Dean Petersen and Jesse Stevens) (Australia) / Maree Clarke (Australia) / Maitha Demithan (United Arab Emirates) / Christy Dena (Australia) / Anaisa Franco (Germany / Brazil) / Michaela Gleave (Australia) / Svenja Kratz (Australia) / Stuart Mcfarlane & Darrin Verhagen with Toby Brodel (Australia) / Leisa Shelton (Australia) / la Société Anonyme (Netherlands) / Garry Stewart with Australian Dance Theatre (Australia) / Teamlab (Japan) / Tele Visions (Emma Ramsay and Alex White) (Australia) / Ei Aada (Japan) / Raymond Zada (Australia) / Masha Tupitsyn (USA).

The International Synthetic Biology Film Festival on tour in 2015

The International Synthetic Biology Festival took place between 23rd -25th of October 2014 in Vienna, Austria. In 2015 the festival is on a tour around the world.

BIO·FICTION Dublin, Ireland: October 2015 More infos about the Dublin event coming soon!

BIO·FICTION Perth, Australia: 4 October 2015, as part of the Neolife SLSA conference. More infos about the Perth event coming soon!


envelop(e) Sound and Light Exhibition (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Julian Day, Mick Harris AKA Lull, Jason James, Christina Kubisch, Elizabeth Veldon

envelop(e) is a group exhibition of enveloping sound and light works, simple pockets or envelopes of space that contain sound and light environments. The overall room can be likened to a secular ‘church’, a mood-altering space with sound chambers on the perimeter and a light environment in the centre which is a kind of luminent threshold that exists between the chambers. The room can be seen as refuge from the cold outside. And although the artists are not there to guide you to answers and enlightenment, they have created immersive worlds and alternatives to the darkness that surrounds us in our troubled time and world outside.

This show includes the works of Mick Harris (aka Lull) combining the works Moments and Continue to create an immersive sound environment, Julian Day who creates droning, often multi electronic instrument-based installations, Elizabeth Veldon interpreting the reportage of Charles Darwin’s visit to Hobart town on on the HMAS ‘Beagle’ in 1836, Christina Kubisch who creates sound compositions based on electro-magnetism and Jason James’ interactive light environment a kind of liminal space between the sounds.


Paint The Town during Vivid Sydney 2015 (Sydney, Australia)

When: May 22 – June 8, 2015 from 6:00 pm to Midnight

Paint the Town is a cutting-edge, interactive illumination of the Sydney skyline. Participants of any age ‘paint’ with light by using a special touch screen to control the choice and sequences of colour illuminating iconic buildings around Circular Quay. It is a rare experience to be able to express creativity on this scale and to help redefine and represent how Sydney appears on the world stage.

The installation is controlled from a interactive touch screen located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay, and uses custom-designed state-of-the-art software and low-energy LED lights. It was created by the highly innovative Australian event production company 32 Hundred Lighting–the same creative team that delivered Vivid Sydney’s Light the Bridge (2013-2015).

Enlighten 2015 (Canberra, NSW, Australia)

“Enlighten 2015 celebrates the International Year of Light with immersive experiences, stunning visuals, award-winning performances and spectacular Australian premieres.”

These four experiences look pretty amazing:

Voyage [UK] Aether and Hermera

As the sun sets on Lake Burley Griffin, 300 illuminated paper boats transform into an incandescent fleet. Reminiscent of folded paper origami boats, audiences can engage with this innovative exhibition via a mobile phone app. Aether and Hermera (named after the Greek god and goddess of light) have been creating interactive, contemporary installations since 2006. Voyage is an interdisciplinary work that encourages playfulness and wonder through a sophisticated use of lighting technologies and digital media.

Voala Station [Spain]

Renowned for their stunning imagery and visual narratives, Voala have soared through the skies of 20 different countries. Voala Station follows the journey of four businessmen swept into a world of magic and dizzying heights, after missing the last night train. Don’t miss this spectacular performance for the first time in Australia!

Polyphonic Electronic

An immersive and playful installation of brightly-coloured childhood objects, paired with an evocative sound-scape. This illuminated installation is a collaboration between visual artist David Kenworthy and DJ Oliver Laing, transforming simple and unassuming plastic commodities into radiant artworks.

Trade Winds

This evocative performance installation, created by contemporary Pacific visual artist Samuel Tupou, sees two performers transformed into giant screens illuminated by a world of exquisite animated projections as they dance across the water. Hundreds origami boats carrying the messages, stories, hopes and dreams of the audience float around the figures. Enlighten visitors have the chance to participate by making their own origami message boat at the National Archives of Australia from 6.30pm to 8pm.