TEI 2019 Arts Track (Tempe Arizona)

TEI 2019 is the 13th annual conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction.

The Arts Track at TEI 2019 invites submissions of art installations and live performances exploring the theme of hybrid materiality. Over the past few years, TEI has increasingly embraced hybridity, whether through material explorations of composites such as bioelectronic, on-body, or active materials, or theoretical inquiries into socio-technical systems as hybrid assemblies. Visionary technologies are merging textiles with electronics, mechanical actuators with organic materials, and digital sensors with the human body. These hybrid, materially-oriented approaches are radically changing our understanding of what tangible interaction looks and feels like. At the same time, experiential media has provided a forum that shifts focus from utility to aesthetics. What are the new experiential opportunities presented by hybrid, (inter)active materials? How might these materials and the tangible interactive systems they comprise challenge our ideas about boundaries between living and nonliving, intimate and remote, public and private, scientific and quotidian?

Electric Desert: A Light and Sound Experience by Klip Collective (Phoenix, Arizona)

We invite you to see desert, light and sound unite in a mesmerizing display like never before. Cactus and desert become a living canvas in this nighttime experience, taking visitors on an immersive journey through the Garden using light and original music. This is Klip Collective’s second garden installation; the first was at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Electric Desert includes seven site-specific locations, with each experience inspired by and related to the Garden.