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DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

At the 4th and 5th of April 2015, DGTL Festival alights for the 3rd time at the NDSM Wharf in the north of Amsterdam. DGTL Festival is a dance festival with a progressive approach that takes every area to the next level, including art. DGTL Art, the annual art project of DGTL Festival, is looking for enthusiastic artists who would like to create a design which will be visible for more than ten thousand visitors.

The theme, kinetic art in its broadest definition, refers to work of art in various styles including some form of movement. Kinetic art can represent machines, installations, mobiles or other moving objects.

0642764284 by Indebt Studio (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The end date for the exhibit is estimated.

There’s an old iPhone 1 on display in the middle of the gallery on the Govert Flinckstraat 145 in the Netherlands. On a lone pedestal, the device is covered in a plastic bag, locked in a mold, and connected to its charger, awaiting your call.

The art piece is called 0642764284, which is the number used to call the iPhone [Editor’s note: for US callers, use the country code +31 first]. If you dial in, a voicemail can be heard in three different languages, after which you can leave a message. SMS messaging is also possible, but no one will ever view your text. In this way, the sealed iPhone takes on the form of a sort of digital confession booth wherein you can let go of your secrets. Its 23-year old creators, Noah Latif Lamp and Ciro Dublos of the art collective Indebt Studio, would later, in a happy tone, admit that one could even confess to murder without anyone ever finding out.

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Mediamatic Biotalk: 3D Printing with organic matter (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

What are the alternatives for an oil-based mass production era? If we take a closer look at nature there are many qualities in organisms that can be applied to new production methods and material development. Formafantasma does just this, using for instance the excrements of insects (Shellac) to produce 3d printed objects. Or how about Thomas Vailly and Laura Lynn Janssen who grow stoneware, and Aagje Hoekstra who creates new bio plastics from beetle wings? Where do the future of 3d printing, art and bio-materials intersect? Come to this Biotalk to learn more.