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Enosui × teamLab Night Wonder Aquarium (Kanagawa, Japan)

July 18, 2015 - December 25, 2015

Flowers and Fish – Enoshima Aquarium Big Sagami Bay Tank

Projected flowers bloom as far as the eye can see on Enoshima Aquarium’s Big Sagami Bay Tank, turning the entire space into an art installation. Softer than the tank’s own lighting, the projected images provide their own soft light that illuminates the space in place of the usual lighting. When the fish in the tank cross the flowers, the flowers scatter into a burst of petals. The images in this installation are not recorded in advance and replayed; they respond to the movement of the fish, forever changing their appearance. The art that is created in one moment will disappear in the next, never to be seen again.

Resonating Spheres and Night Fish

The night aquarium space is filled with spheres of light. When the spheres are touched by a visitor or when they bump into an object, the color of the light they emit changes, and they emit a musical tone unique to their new color. They can also resonate with the other spheres to emit the same colors and sounds, forming chain reactions with the spheres around them.

Small Resonating Sea

When visitors approach the glass of a tank, the color of the tank’s lighting changes, and the tank emits a musical tone unique to the color of the light. The tanks also resonate with other tanks nearby, changing to display the same colors and produce the same tones, creating a chain reaction.

The Creators Project just wrote a great article about this installation:



July 18, 2015
December 25, 2015
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Enoshima Aquarium
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