Entangled Realities – Living with Artificial Intelligence at HeK (Basel, Switzerland)

May 9, 2019 – August 11, 2019

Credit: Jenna Sutela: nimiia cétii

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) in Basel, Switzerland is pleased to present Entangled Realities, an international group exhibition focusing on artificial intelligence and its effects on human lives and society. Our daily interactions with intelligent algorithmic systems and the power we already cede to machines in many areas of our lives have given rise to new interwoven realities. Entangled Realities turns its lens on AI as a new creative tool that opens up diverse and unexpected imagery, artifacts, and sound. The featured artwork will show how algorithmic networks “see” the world but also create the world, giving us an insight into machine learning, based on neural networks, while also deepening our understanding of non-human cognition and subjectivity. 

Artists include Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman (US), James Bridle (GB), Ursula Damm (DE), Dries Depoorter (BE), Anna Dumitriu and Alex May (GB), fabric | ch (CH), Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst (US/GB), Mario Klingemann (DE), Lauren McCarthy (US), Trevor Paglen (US), Anna Ridler and David Pfau (GB), Sebastian Schmieg (DE), Jenna Sutela (FI), and more.

The show will be on view during the 2019 Art Basel.

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Freilager-Platz 9, CH–4142 Basel, Switzerland