The Digital Muddy Expanded Media Festival V2.0 (Online)

Digital Muddy Expanded Media Festival is designed to be an online platform that promotes interaction and cultural discussion with a focus on the terms related to expanded cinema; social media, and net based contemporary art practice.

Digital Muddy’s selected works represent a survey of various styles and practices that engage the expanding use of image and in specific screen based digital narrative. This year we are focusing on net-specific published works and browser-based works that are defined in the categories of new media, net art, interactive, digital and electronic imaging, user generated imagery, participatory, experimental, social engagement, sound, 3d and digital animation.

2016 Artists
Shane Csontos-Popko, Nicholas DiMichele, Ian Flitman, Mathew Galindo, Curry Gradecki, Belinda Haikes, Tatiana Istomiana, Patrick Lichty, Alex Randall, Carlo Zanni