MOMEM – Museum of Modern Electronic Music (Frankfurt, Germany)

Opening 2017 – Date TBD

Keep an eye on this interesting project which is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

Alex Azary : The initial impulse for MOMEM was the consideration that electronic music and club culture has inspired and influenced much more creative fields, artists and developments of almost all aspects of life in the past three decades than most people tend to realize. The fact that this hasn’t been documented, selected and presented in a focussed and curated conspectus yet, was the basis to conceptualize a contemporary site which accounts these aspirations as well as the cultural and social setting this scene emerged from in the first place.

A museum which is more than a retrospective place, an art and cultural center which is more than another venue, a club that might take club life beyond drink, dance and party.

The designs show that the museum space will be conceptually organized into several sections: Instruments and Technology, History Influences, etc. Is this approach manifested in the architecture? How do you see the experience of movement through architecture and museum spaces?

Stefan Weil: I like the term of “experience the movement”, because this is exactly what MOMEM will be. Entering a programmed platform that unfolds during the visit: kinetic moving objects, the use of media, transforming spaces, organic shapes, soft materials, OLED Technology, configurating furniture systems. MOMEM will appear like a modern shaped system that reacts to the visitor. Reactive Environment, the visitor could easy transform sound and light.