Murmuration Chandelier by Harvey & John at The Collective HQ (London, England)

Murmuration Chandelier from Harvey & John on Vimeo.

The Collective HQ
14 Bedford Square
London, WC1B 3JA

Commissioned by innovative property company, The Collective, designers Harvey & John have unveiled the Murmuration Chandelier; a kinetic lighting sculpture inspired by the murmuration of starlings. Spanning over 5m, it sits as a permanent installation of The Collective’s HQ at 14 Bedford Square.

Brighton based design studio Harvey & John created the breath-taking chandelier inspired by the spectacle at Brighton’s seafront every autumn evening before dusk – a murmuration of Starlings.

“Why a murmuration?” commented Harvey & John, “First and foremost it’s a beautiful sight, but the analogy of lots of individuals coming together to make something beautiful married nicely with The Collective’s ethos (of creating communities) and the space in Bedford Square.”

“When you look at a murmuration, the birds can seem randomly scattered across the sky – but then in a moment they align to make a beautiful shape and pattern. Like a murmuration, the chandelier fleets in and out from seeming disorder to precise patterns and shapes – a mesmerising spectacle in its own right!”

The piece consists of 20 rings that taper in diameter, finished with patinated steel to produce a textured gunmetal exterior and a light reflecting brushed steel on the inside. Abstract starling shapes are laser cut from each ring that all align at a certain point in its spiralling sequence.

From below, the piece resembles a spirograph in motion, aligning to make mesmerising concentric patterns. The chandelier spans over 5 meters across 3 floors. Each ring has its own counterweight, which allows the piece to be in perfect balance whatever the shape it is in. Each ring also has its own micro-controller and motor, the further down the sculpture, the faster the rotation. The kinetic sculpture can also be controlled by an App to change the colour, speed and direction of movement.