SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery (New York City, New York)

Opening Day is August 20, 2015

COME with me to the Battery, to the tip of Manhattan, where the sea meets the city, where the sea once was, where the sea may be again someday.

We are going to ride through an underwater garden, inside giant fish that shimmer with electric bioluminescence. They dart and pause, skim and school within a nautilus shell of stainless steel and glass, set in the Battery Bosque, 200 yards from Castle Clinton, which served as the New York Aquarium until 1941.

This is the $16 million SeaGlass carousel, developed by the Battery Conservancy. It is set to open on Thursday. Young and old will be charged $5 each for a three-and-a-half-minute ride that might more accurately be called an immersion.