‘Hylozoic Veil’ at The Leonardo (Salt Lake City, Utah)

When you walk into a place called “The Leonardo” you can only expect to find art, in all its forms, covering every inch of the place. The Hylozoic Veil, the only piece in the museum you can see from every floor, even permeates the air.

This incredibly unique three-story piece is an immersive, responsive environment that combines physics, chemistry, sculpture, engineering, and even hints of artificial life (but not the spooky kind).

It was created by Phillip Beesley, who we consider to be a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, so excuse us for a second while we contain our excitement!

(breathe) Ok, we’re good.

The Hylozoic Veil was created with the ability to react to its environment, and it’s movement is captivating—almost like it’s submerged in water. The arms move in reaction to temperature increases and decreases, while proximity sensors trigger circuits to cause parts of the installation to move if it senses that someone or something is too close. (Is that cool or what?) The Hylozoic Veil combines art, science, technology, and physics, making it the perfect addition to The Leonardo.

The Hylozoic Veil was created to help us understand the relationship between all living things here on earth. This amazing creation combines physics, chemistry, art, and engineering to mimic natural systems, and paves way for responsive architecture of the future!

Staff Tip: Watch the installation move from below, or head on up to the 2nd floor and get a little closer to one of the arms. See if it will react. Try softly blowing warm air on it. Does it coil?


‘Dynamic Performance of Nature’ Light Installation at The Leonardo (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Dynamic Performance of Nature from yongjulee on Vimeo.

When you first walk in to The Leonardo, you’re met with the Leo Lobby at you’re right, and a giant, suspended dinosaur-looking spiny thing to your left. That dinosaur spiny thing is called Dynamic Performance of Nature (DPON) and is one of the most interesting pieces within our four walls.

Made up of 172 “fins,” the DPON was created by Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee of E/B Office. The fins are made from recycled HDPE plastic embedded with nearly 2,000 solar-powered LEDs capable of dispaying millions of different colors representing everything from climate monitoring to earth quake activity around the world.

While captivated by all the pretty colors, you wouldn’t even realize that you’re seeing representations of climate changes throughout the world. Environmental sensors from sources throughout The Leonardo itself, the city, and the entire planet, feed real-time information to the DPON.

Everything from temperature, wind, humidity, and even cloudiness is represented in the array of flashing lights. It even displays seismic activity from anywhere in the world on a distorted global map. Talk about dynamic.

The best part about the DPON is that it’s interactive. By tweeting to @LeoArtWall, you can give the DPON color commands or tweet the name of a city and then watch as the DPON gives you a Pink Floyd worthy display of the world around you. You can even follow exactly what tweets it’s responding to on the crowd-facing monitors below it.

Staff Tip: Tweet the name of your favorite city to @LeoArtWall and DPoN will display the weather from that location or just tweet a color and watch the display change to reflect your desire.


New Frontier at Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah)

Check out some of the projects online at:

New Frontier at Sundance Film Festival

With the goal of presenting truly original visions to audiences while pushing the boundaries of storytelling, New Frontier showcases media installations, multimedia performances, panel discussions, and more each year in an open social setting at Sundance Film Festival.

The New Frontier program is curated around the idea of expanding and illuminating the human story through the embrace, exhibition, and experience of storytelling at the crossroads of film, art and new media technologies. New Frontier brings bold innovative works from around the world to the film festival audiences in Park City, drawing together a diverse collection of creative figures – from film, art, design, performance, technology – under one roof to celebrate and provoke.

The International Synthetic Biology Film Festival on tour in 2015

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