The Harcourt Vitrines Project by BARDULA at the Baccarat Hotel (New York City, New York)

A beautiful reason to be a guest at the Baccarat hotel!



Selected French artists such as BARDULA were given carte blanche to create works on the theme of the Harcourt Glass, a timeless Baccarat icon, with particular reference to the idea of an explosion.

The project by artist BARDULA consists of five brushed aluminium installations, forming a kinetic geometric whole magnified by the permeating light. Each installation symbolizes one of these five elements, with the metal layers forming simple geometric figures which follow a logical progression: firstly a triangle, then a square, a hexagon, and a circle, and finally a circle inscribed in a square.

Working together, BARDULA today uses state-of-the-art digital modeling to design increasingly complex installations whose abstract geometries take metal as their primary medium. Over the course of their collaboration, the duo’s work has come to be defined by a creative use of light in each project.


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