“What a Loving, and Beautiful World” interactive installation at Narita International Airport (Japan)

Located in Terminal 1 Departures Lobby

The name of the work, a collaborative piece between Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo-based ultra-technologist group TeamLab Inc. and famed Japanese calligrapher Shishu, is “What a Loving, and Beautiful World.” It makes use of the largest of Narita Airport’s 100 “Sky Gate Vision” digital signage fixtures, the roughly 385-inch “concave organic EL Panorama Vision” display in the Terminal 1 departures lobby.

A sensor detects people who approach the text on the signage. The text then takes the shape of an animal or other animate object to create an original, virtual fantasy world. As its creators explained, “The embodied creations interrelate with each other. A bird approaches a tree, or plants sprout when the rain falls. It constantly recreates the landscape.”